Skinny Jeans Bandit already in custody in O.C.; L.A. warrant issued

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arrestedIn November 2009, the Long Beach Police Department asked for the public’s help in identifying a robbery suspect wanted in connection with a string of armed robberies to businesses occurring in the Long Beach and Lakewood areas. Surveillance footage and a suspect photograph were released of a male white deemed the “Skinny Jeans Bandit,” because of the “skinny” jeans he wore.

Robbery Detectives quickly identified the serial robbery cases and canvassed each robbery scene for additional witnesses, video or other evidence.

Detectives worked closely with LASO Lakewood Robbery Detectives on the case.  A number of tips from the public were provided and each one was investigated.  These tips led Robbery Detectives to a potential suspect and through their investigation, were able to locate evidence and witnesses and have positively identified the Skinny Jeans Bandit.

The suspect is currently in custody on unrelated charges in Orange County and because of the ongoing investigation, he is not being identified at this time. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed 16 counts of armed robbery with gun enhancement charges today. A warrant has been issued for his arrest in the amount of 1.3 million dollars.

The robberies occurred at the following times and locations:

Date:                   Area:                                                          Type of Business:
10/20/09            Carson Street & Woodruff Ave           Food Establishment
10/27/09            Stearns & Palo Verde Avenue             Book Store
10/27/09            Bellflower Blvd. & Carson Street        Food Establishment
11/04/09            Willow Street & Los Coyotes Diag     Food Establishment
11/06/09            Willow Street & Bellflower Blvd          Food Establishment
11/09/09            Bellflower Blvd. & Carson Street         Food Establishment
11/09/09            Anaheim Road & Studebaker Road    Food Establishment
11/10/09            Willow Street & Bellflower Blvd           Food Establishment
12/13/09            Carson Street & Woodruff Ave              Food Establishment

Anyone who may have any information regarding these crimes is asked to contact Robbery Detective Fermin Gonzalez at (562) 570-7464.


One Response to “Skinny Jeans Bandit already in custody in O.C.; L.A. warrant issued”
  1. victim#16 says:

    I think a follow up of this story is needed. specifically why LB district attorney is telling me (one of the victims) that they probably won’t try this kid because “too many victims and witnesses, the costs would be extensive”. I had a gun to my head because of this little shit. I can’t run my business because every 19 year old white kid that walks into my store resembles this thug. I get stressed out.

    I lose, he goes free. Go figure. someone needs to ask the DA why? 16 counts of robbery and no trial? He cops a plea and gets out in 18 months??