Sleep With a Purpose “Bed for a Bed” Program; Providing High-Quality Bed Products to the Needy

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helping the homelessHomelessness is a growing problem across the United States, particularly in Los Angeles, where the homeless population is rated one of the highest in the country. Sleep With a Purpose (SWAP), the world’s first for-profit social impact mattress company created to help alleviate homelessness and support low-income housing initiatives, is looking to expand and create partnerships with local and regional mattress retailers in Southern California to help curb the homelessness epidemic.

Founded by Long Beach resident, Josh Helland in 2012, SWAP was inspired by the successful and unique business structure of TOMS Shoes; the “one for one” business model creates a sustainable business, makes a social impact, and gives shoppers a chance to use their purchasing power to change the world. SWAP’s “Bed for a Bed” program allows the company to donate one bed to someone in need for every bed purchased. Their particular focus is to supply beds to organizations that provide permanent supportive housing to people transitioning out of homelessness. “SWAP is making strides by providing high-quality bed and bedding products to those in need,” says Helland, SWAP’s founder and chief bed giver. “Having the support from mattress retailers across Southern California will increase our efforts significantly and give people the chance to live the independent life that they have dreamed about.” SWAP successfully launched on June 1, 2012 in Connecticut where 15 Better Bedding stores are promoting the “Bed for a Bed” pilot program.

The idea for SWAP stemmed from Helland’s work with A Good Night Sleep (AGNS), a non-profit organization he launched with good friend Jennifer Kenning, created to deliver brand new beds to people transitioning out of homelessness. Extensive research has proven that permanent supportive housing is one of the more sustainable solutions to homelessness. SWAP’s donation of a bed can support the efforts and the development of this program, and help decrease homelessness in Los Angeles. The for-profit company prides itself on driving non-profit ideals and giving individuals the opportunity to succeed with something as simple as a good night’s sleep.

SWAP works with manufacturers to create comfortable high-quality mattresses with health and chiropractic benefits that will be sold at some of the largest retail locations in the United States. The SWAP team strives to make this world a “bedder” place by giving individuals the opportunity they need to change their lives, ultimately enabling them to begin to make a difference in the lives of others.

Retailers can contact SWAP at Consumers can visit to learn more about the organization and where to purchase SWAP beds.

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