Small businesses launch network to promote economic development in Long Beach

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small-business-networkThe Small Business Network of Greater Long Beach is proud to announce its formation in order to provide services, education and resources relevant to the needs of small and micro-businesses located within the Greater Long Beach area. Benefits available can be found on the organization’s website:

SBN Long Beach was formed to serve the needs of small and micro-businesses, which comprise over 80% of companies in the greater Long Beach area alone. Through the creation of unique business-to-business services and providing necessary educational resources, the small business owner is empowered with the necessary tools for growth and the protection of their bottom line.

As evidence of SBN’s sensitivity to the current economic conditions, the organization’s business friendly dues structure not only eliminates the typical “fair-share” dues formula (based solely on employee count) and lump-sum annual renewal, but also offers the option of affordable recurring monthly payments.

“The business community in Long Beach has been crying out for this type of organization,” stated Kelly Stortz, IOM, President/CEO of SBN Long Beach, “we now have an association led by small business entrepreneurs, focused on small business and helping small business.”

“Our philosophy is simple: we believe that by empowering our members we create stronger businesses, and by creating stronger businesses we build a stronger community,” stated Salvador Farfan, the organization’s Chairman of the Board and president of Caught in the Moment Photography.

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