So Cal Freeways Have You Tangled? There’s a Map for That!

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Freeway map by Peter Hanink

A Map of Los Angeles in the Style of the NYC Subway Map by Peter Hanink.

According to his profile, Peter Hanink is “a perpetual student, lawyer, writer, and overall nerd” who has “always had a passion for design and cartography.” So, it’s little wonder that when his girlfriend had trouble understanding the local freeway system he came up with an elegant solution that is both functional and beautiful.

As a recent transplant from New York City, Hanink’s girlfriend was out of her element when it came to navigating the tangled mess of concrete and asphalt that most Southern Californians take for granted. So, the Long Beach resident decided to put his special skills to use. His solution was a map of the Southern California freeways, highways, and MetroRail presented in the style of the iconic NYC Subway Map. (details of the project)

Now that the map is finished, and his girlfriend is (hopefully) having an easier time getting around, Hanink has plans to make the design available to others. He has started a fundraising project on Kickstart which will fund an initial print run of 500 full-color 24″x36″ prints. The posters will be created in Long Beach at Fresh Prints Design.

For as little as $15, backers of this Kickstarter project will receive a limited edition 24″ by 36″ full color poster. Pledge a little more and Hanink will also sign the print. However, for those that love maps the way Hanink loves maps, there is a very limited reward available for donors above $250. Top backers will receive a one of a kind, custom map of any city they choose designed in the style of the NYC Subway Map. That’s quite a rare treat for the NYC-transplant or cartophile who has everything. (click here to donate)

Peter Hanink lives in Long Beach and admits to having “way too many maps and books about maps” in his home. When not saving lost travellers from the freeway or designing digital art projects, he is a student in the PhD program at University of California in Irvine.

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