Social Media in Long Beach: Find City, State and Federal links for Facebook, Twitter and more

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The City of Long Beach has created a Social Media web page with links to its various Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts to help forge a better connection between the community and city departments.

Social Media are primarily Internet-based communication tools for sharing and discussing information. Residents and businesses are invited to become Friends and Fans on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and Subscribers on YouTube. There is Flickr photo-sharing, and a section on RSS Feeds is also planned.

“We’re launching this new page to take advantage of efficient and effective technology tools that help connect our community with the City,” said Curtis Tani, Director of Technology Services. “The larger goal is to facilitate community inclusion and encourage public participation in issues that affect so many of our residents and businesses.”

The web page – – includes the main City of Long Beach Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts, along with accounts from several City Bureaus and Departments, including Community Development, Development Services, Fire, Library, Public Works, Water, and the Port of Long Beach.

In addition, the community can also continue to get information from the City’s E-notify subscription-based service, available at the City’s home page,

The city’s not the only government bodies getting in on social media. Interested citizens can also follow state and federal government accounts.

Find state of California government twitter accounts here:

Find state Facebook links here: has a comprehensive database of federal twitter listings.

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