Sophy’s: Casual Cambodian on PCH

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I had heard through the grapevine that I had to try Sophy’s on PCH when I had a chance. That chance came one night when we were in the mood for something a little different. We had heard it was both Thai and Cambodian food, and were excited to try it out.

We parked in the back lot at Sophy’s and I loved walking up into the lobby. It is filled with fun photos and one can tell you are in a local’s place by the atmosphere. We were seated in a corner and the restaurant was relatively busy for a week night.

As I sometimes do, I left our order up to the waiter. I asked him what was the most popular of the dishes and he recommended the Tom Kha Gai and Yellow Curry. I wanted something a little off the beaten path too, so we ordered the Beef Jerky as well, having no idea what it was.

Sophy’s is very family friendly, and it was obvious the majority of the people were regulars. There was even a community flyer in between the glass and table cloth on the table. Our waiter was really polite and attentive.

The Tom Kha Gai was tasty with citrus and coconut notes. There was lots of cilantro in it too, which added to its deliciousness. The Yellow Curry was mild, rich, and to be honest, I could have had two orders of it. It was that good.  The coconut of the curry complimented the soup. The beef jerky was the only departure in our meal, of something I had never eaten before. It wasn’t literally beef jerky. It was beef sticks that were kind of stringy, with lots of flavor, cooked until they were so overdone, that they basically became “beef jerky”. The dish was served with Rice Wine Vinegar to dip. While I did like it, it took awhile to eat, and a little to get used to. Not only that, but make sure you have some dental floss on hand! It is really good.

While I really enjoyed Sophy’s, the next time I go, (there will definitely be a next time!) I would like to focus what I order more on the Cambodian dishes, which I have never experienced before.

Sophy’s is located at 3240 East Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. For more information call (562) 494-1763.

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One Response to “Sophy’s: Casual Cambodian on PCH”
  1. Marie says:

    Great article! I hope you go again and try more dishes that are Cambodian and Thai. I have always been curious about spices, and ingredients utilized in their recepies and heard that they are different and uniquely delicious. Unfortunately, we do not have a Thai or Cambodian restaurant nearby and I have never been able to sample such food myself, I hope to some day!
    For now, your vivid description of the experience is the only one I have and it was as if I was there with you!
    Thank you!