Renewable Energy, Green Jobs & Healthy Foods, Highlight Southern CA Green Economic Council June Speakers Series

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On Wednesday, June 26, local residents will be treated to an up close look at several organizations that are lighting up the Long Beach landscape with renewable energy, green jobs & healthy foods.

The Southern CA Green Economic Council is proud to present GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization helping low-income families reduce their energy bills by more than half, cut carbon emissions with a clean energy source, and, provide hands-on training experiences for future solar installers in the process. GRID Alternatives is busy preparing for a huge event they call a “Solarthon,” right here in the city and attendees will learn how they can get involved.

Since 2004, GRID Alternatives has installed more than 8.5 MW of clean, renewable power for over 3000 families, prevented the release of 250,000 tons of greenhouse gasses over the systems’ lifetimes and provided more than $80 million in energy cost savings. More than 11,000 volunteers and job trainees have also received hands-on solar installation experience to-date.

A representative from Verengo Solar, a partner of GRID Alternatives, will also provide Economic Council participants with an overview of their efforts to hire actual volunteers that have worked on GRID solar installations, and how they are hiring veterans returning from Iraq/Afghanistan for solar installation jobs. The two companies have partnered on recent solar installs in North Long Beach neighborhoods and are making a difference for low-income families and for those seeking employment.

Also speaking at this month’s Speaker Series panel will be the founder of Spring St. Farm, Kelli Johnson, who will give attendees an update on new and existing projects that are being launched out of the farm. This is Kelli’s 4th year leading the farm and initiating numerous outreach programs that connect residents, teenagers, and underserved communities to growing and eating healthier foods.

This month’s Southern Ca Green Economic Council Speaker Series is Wednesday June 26th 6:00-8:00pm at Long Beach Community Action Partnership & Spring St. Farm 3012 Long Beach Blvd.,  Long Beach, CA 90807.

To RSVP for this month’s Speaker Series event, please email Stella at:

Stella Ursua founded the Southern CA Green Economic Council back in May 2011. Stella’s goal is to educate citizens about green industries & professions, promote the creation of good green jobs in Long Beach/Los Angeles communities, and support the expansion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and green building throughout Southern California. The Economic Council conducts the speaker series event on a monthly basis in Long Beach and Los Angeles County communities. Stella is also the President of Green Education Inc., a community outreach and education organization located here in Long Beach.


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