Animal Control plans aggressive campaign to curb cat population in Long Beach

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litter-free cat campaignIn an effort to reduce unwanted litters of cats, Animal Control Officers are stepping-up enforcement of the City’s mandatory spay and neuter laws for the felines. In 2009 alone, over 4,400 cats were impounded and unclaimed at the City’s Shelter. Through an aggressive campaign to increase enforcement and promote spay and neuter, ACS hopes to reverse this trend.

“Many don’t realize that it is illegal to possess an unaltered cat in the City of Long Beach”, says Operations Chief, Michelle Quigley, “in Long Beach, you must have your cat spayed or neutered or face a $100 citation from Animal Care Services (LBMC 6.16.085).”

The month of March is officially “Litter-Free Long Beach” because this is the month that animals begin breeding, and impounds begin increasing each year. “Our hope is to get 1,000 cats fixed this year in an effort to reduce impounds and improve the live release rate at the City’s Shelter”, says Ronald R. Arias, Director of the Health & Human Services Department.

Residents are eligible for a limited number of ($50) spay and neuter vouchers for cats. If they don’t get their animals fixed, they may face a citation.

Residents must first secure a voucher by contacting Animal Care Services. The following local veterinary hospitals and clinics have agreed to continue participation in the program:

  • Ambassador Dog & Cat Hospital, 562-427-2889
  • Belmont Heights Animal Hospital, 562-439-6871
  • Belmont Shore Animal Hospital, 562-961-0028
  • Boulevard Animal Hospital, 562-633-6514
  • Bixby Animal Clinic, 562-426-4066
  • Golden State Humane Society, 562-423-8406
  • Mercy Animal Medical Center, 562-423-5458
  • Parkview Pet Hospital, 562-425-8140
  • Uptown Animal Hospital, 562-24-8541

To receive a voucher, animal owners must be residents of Long Beach (or its contract cities) and show proof of residence. This program is paid for through penalties collected for redemption of unaltered animals and generous gifts and donations to the City’s Spay and Neuter Trust Fund from organizations like the Haute Dogs Network.

Here’s how to get a voucher for the spay and neuter program:

  1. In person: Animal Care Services at 7700 E. Spring Street, Long Beach, CA 90815 (must show proof of residence)
  2. By Mail: Please call (562) 570-PETS (7387). The voucher will be mailed only to the address of record. The veterinary hospital will require proof of identification before accepting the voucher.
  3. In the Field: Animal Control Officers may also distribute vouchers as needed. Proof of City residence must be provided.

ACS is open to the public Wednesday through Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Village is closed on Monday, Tuesday and all holidays.

For further information regarding Animal Care Services or to receive tips on responsible pet ownership, call 570-PETS (7387) or visit


4 Responses to “Animal Control plans aggressive campaign to curb cat population in Long Beach”
  1. Chandra says:

    While I think this is a GREAT idea, I know that in my neighborhood, the cats that are NOT fixed are all strays. So, I ask, who is going to trap and fix them for $50 when they belong to no one? My wish is to trap, fix, and release them since they do keep the rodent population down, but they won’t even come near a human! Too bad….

  2. Birdman of long beach says:

    Chandra , alot of people trap & release ferral cats. I have been involved in quite a few myself. E-Mail me at and I will explain further. Thanks

  3. jmuhj says:

    LONG BEACH, I LOVE YOU!!! PROPS to the LBC for doing the compassionate, caring, proven successful, RIGHT thing by their community and their community’s cat population. Show the state, the nation, and the world that cats are valued and that Long Beach stands firm for cats!

  4. Jmuhj Acat says:

    Do we love Long Beach, or what? 😉