Spikeball Takes Over The Sand for The Long Beach Classic

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National Champions  Chico Spikeball will host “The Long Beach Classic” on Saturday, August 16th which has teams traveling from as far as San Francisco to compete. The tournament, which will take place at the beach at the end of Cherry Avenue from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., will be the one of the most competitive Spikeball tournaments to date. Five out of the top ten teams in the nation will be represented.

Spikeball is best described as a cross between volleyball and 4-square with elements of other sports thrown in. Two teams of two stand around a circular net that’s elevated off the ground and use up to three hits to bounce the ball off the net to the other team in hopes that they can’t return it. It scores with rally scoring, like volleyball, but unlike other sports, there are no boundaries. 

During “The Long Beach Classic”, each team of two players will be battling for first place, merchandise will be available for purchase. TYR sports drinks will be given out, other sponsors include SAVAGEultimate, Sockwa, Tomahawk Shades, TY Clothing, and Spikeball Inc. The local community is encouraged to bring some lawn chairs, relax, eat some good food, and get ready to watch some entertaining rallies. Spikeball sets and tournament jerseys will be available for purchase on site for anyone who decides they want to join the movement.

For questions about this or future events, contact Skyler Boles at spikeballskyler@gmail.com. For more information about what’s going on with Chico Spikeball or to register a team, visit www.USAspikeball.com.

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