Spring Street repairs begin using federal stimulus funds

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construction on spring street(Reposted from an email sent out by Councilmember Gerrie Schipske to 5th District residents)

Long Beach was able to secure federal stimulus dollars to fix infrastructure in several parts of the City. The 5th District is seeing the results of these monies with the wholesale repair of Spring Street from the westside of Long Beach to the Orange County border.

Because the repair of Spring Street was already designed and ready to go for some time, it met the criteria of the federal government that the project be “shovel ready.”

Several residents have asked questions about the repair of Spring:

Why repair Spring and not residential streets?

This project was already designed and had been ready to go for some time. The monies had to be used on major streets such as Spring which goes border to border in Long Beach. Residential streets are not being funded at this time by the federal government. Those repairs come from a very small pool of money in the City’s budget.

Why are curbs and gutters being repaired on Spring too?

The repair of a major street usually requires a structural repair of the curbs and gutters. (Because this isn’t just a repaving.) In this case, flooding has occurred along Spring after rains and the repair of curbs, gutters and storm drains on Spring will take care of the problem and allow faster drainage from side streets that feed into Spring.

Aren’t there other major streets such as Wardlow and Willow that need repair too?

You bet there are and as more funds become available, Long Beach will move down its list of streets needing repair.

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