State Senate Approves Oropeza Bills on Environment, Mammograms and Liquor Licenses

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california-senateWith Friday the deadline to send bills to the Assembly, the Senate late Monday approved five consumer-protection bills sought by Long Beach Sen. Jenny Oropeza, chair of the Senate Majority Caucus.

“These bills have been carefully drafted to incur almost no increases to the state budget,” Oropeza said of her rare five-for-five accomplishment. “In fact, they could save taxpayers much, in some cases, perhaps even their lives.”

Among Oropeza’s bills approved and sent to the Senate:

SB 104 NF3 – Greenhouse Gases
This proposal seeks to require the Air Resources Board to regulate industrial use of a widely used gas known as nitrogen trifluoride, or NF3. This gas, with a global warming potential 17,000 greater than CO2, was previously believed to be harmless and is used in manufacturing LCD televisions, solar panels and microprocessors.

SB 148 Mammogram Safety – Notice of Violations
This measure would increase public awareness among patients and medical staff by requiring that notice of safety violations for mammogram machines be conspicuously visible and available online.

SB 415 Expanded Review of Liquor Licenses
In order to improve local oversight of the issuance and transfer of liquor licenses, this bill would increase from 20 to 30 the number of additional days local governments have to review license applications. The bill would also expand the list of local government officials eligible to request an extension.

The Assembly has not yet set a date to review the bills.

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