Steps to Stay Safe As The Temperatures Rise

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KEEP DOORS & WINDOWS SECURED AT ALL TIMESWith the weather starting to warm up, the Long Beach Police Department would like to remind residents about the importance of properly securing their homes.

When the temperatures begin to rise, residents have a natural tendency to open their doors and windows open to get fresh air and to cool their homes. However, we are highly encouraging residents to keep their doors and windows locked at all times. Statistics show that the most common method of entry in residential burglaries is through unlocked doors and windows. Listed below are safety tips that we strongly recommend all residents practice, which may help prevent them from becoming a victim:

  • Secure doors and windows at all times; visit your local hardware store to purchase devices that will allow you adequate ventilation without jeopardizing your safety
  • Keep outside areas well lighted with security lights, and install motion sensors
  • Prevent hiding locations around your home by keeping bushes and shrubbery trimmed
  • Be familiar with the people in your neighborhood and know who doesn’t belong
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 regardless of how insignificant you may feel it is; let the police determine its importance

For additional crime prevention information, please visit the Long Beach Police Department’s website at

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