Officials Prepare For Storm Surge in Peninsula and Naples Areas This Weekend

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A storm surge event with higher than normal water levels is expected to impact the Peninsula and Naples areas of Long Beach this weekend. The storm surge is being caused by Hurricane Norbert in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and is expected to impact southeast Long Beach from Friday afternoon through Monday morning.

City crews are preparing for the storm surge with a coordinated, multi-department response by fortifying sand berms on both the beach and bay sides of the Peninsula, installing plugs in the Naples sea wall to prevent flooding, deploying additional staff and equipment around the clock and closely monitoring the situation.

Residents are advised to avoid swimming in any dangerous waters, stay off sand berms and stay away from City vehicles and machinery operating along the coastline.

As they did during the storm surge last week, volunteers from Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and the Long Beach Search and Rescue Explorer Program will make contact with residents to provide information that will assist them in planning for this event. Residents should take appropriate steps to be prepared by securing personal property and vehicles in areas that are prone to flooding.

Bins of sand and empty bags will be available Friday morning at Ocean Boulevard and 72nd Place, and also at Ocean Boulevard and Claremont Avenue. Residents must bring their own shovels and are limited to filling 10 bags.

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