Strega Nona the Musical at Carpenter Center

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StregaNona..12.5.10Strega Nona the Musical, based on the popular books by Tomie de Paola and set to a fresh, original score, will be performed at carpenter Center on Sunday, December 5, 2010.

Strega Nona is the musical tale of a friendly magical witch with a funny name who strives to cure the ills of her tiny Italian town of Calabria. The baker has bunions “as big as an onion,” his daughter wishes for witchery, and the local single ladies are always unlucky in love. The town faces real problems when a local lug named Big Anthony sneaks a peek at Strega Nona’s magic book and uses Strega Nona’s magical ways for selfish means. When Anthony fools with the magic pasta pot, and can’t figure out how to turn it off, pasta threatens to engulf the whole town unless Strega Nona can save the day. With an energetic and tuneful score by composer Aron Accurso, this fantastical tale teaches that witches can be good, and that and you can’t judge a pot by its pasta!

Thomas Olson and Roberta Carlson’s theatrical adaptation of dePaola’s Strega Nona stories was originally developed as a touring production for the renowned Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis during their 1986-87 Season. This lively musical about a magical Italian grandmother and her mischievous apprentice boasts a score by Aron Accurso, an award-winning member of the famed BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in New York. Tomie dePaola was involved in giving creative color and inspiration to the story’s evolvement throughout the creation of the musical as well as its rehearsal process.

Strega Nona the Musical is the fusion of three of Tomie dePaolas cherished books: Strega Nona, Strega Nona Her Story and Big Anthony and the Magic Ring. Over his 40-year career, dePaola has written and/or illustrated over 200 books and his work has been recognized with the Caldecott Honor Award and the Newbery Honor Award.

Strega Nona the Musical, will be performed at Carpenter Center, 6200 Atherton Street, Long Beach, CA 90815, on Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 2:00pm.

Single tickets for Strega Nona the Musical are $20. All tickets can be purchased by calling the Carpenter Center Arts Ticket Office at (562) 985-7000. Box Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm; Saturday, noon-4pm.

For additional information or to purchase tickets online visit the Carpenter Center website.

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