Stroll & Savor Second Street: Tonight’s Hot Spot

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Oh Southern California, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. It is these summer nights which bring us all out from our homes to walk, socialize and enjoy the long dusky evenings.  With no idea of what we were about to find, my husband and I ventured to Second Street to grab some grub and get the blood flowing a little bit on a Wednesday night. After all, he has to walk and feed the pregnant girl!

What we stumbled on was Stroll & Savor on Second Street.  I knew something was happening when I heard the tropical sounds of steel drums off in the distance and noticed the crowds lining up in front of some of our favorite restaurants. I could hardly contain myself when we actually found a parking space (knock me over with a feather) and the tickets were only a dollar a piece. Of course, this settled the “where” we were going to eat…why, everywhere, of course! We arrived at 7:30 and while there were some lines that were twenty people deep, they moved quickly.

We filled up on Samosa, Naan and rich, hearty Saag at Natraj Cuisine of India; Hummus, and fresh, light Fattoush Salad from Magic Lamp, savory Kafta at Open Sesame, Juicy Barbeque at Lucille’s and nutty Pad Thai at Phuket Thai.  When fullness came, I wanted to brood and pout like Raphael’s depiction of Michelangelo in “School of Athens”. Just sit me down on the nearest step and leave me alone to wallow in my fullness.  Either way, we had no choice but to push through. We are pro’s after all, and dessert was calling out to us from all corners of Second St. The show must go on.

Our dessert crawl started with Powell’s Sweet Shoppe where we treated ourselves to decadent gelato. Feeling very Italian, we strolled back toward Sweet Jill’s where they had a spread of Red Velvet Cake, and 3 amazing looking cinnamon roll varieties. After the Red Velvet cake, and the Apple Roll, we pushed on, knowing that Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory loomed ahead of us, in its chocolate covered Ho Ho, Twinkie and Bacon glory. Yes, you read that right. Chocolate Covered Bacon. Yogurtland didn’t seem like such a stretch at that point, so we had to try the peanut butter flavor fro-yo. And that left us with Frosted Cupcakery as our last dessert spot, where we had some more Red Velvet and a Royal White cupcake with some sort of Salted Caramel filling that I ate up and wanted seconds of, while my husband insisted “tasted like the ocean” which apparently wasn’t okay with him. Meh…To each their salty/sweet own, I suppose.

Some of the other foodie spots that were participating and we just couldn’t quite roll our portly bodies over to: Thai Gourmet, 191 Park Ave, Bono’s Yen Sushi, Panama Joe’s, B.J.’s Pizza and Grill (I watched the pizza they were serving walk by me, and it looked mmmm..good), George’s Greek Cafe, Taco Surf, Evo, Shannon’s Bay Shore, Riley’s Aroma di Roma, New York’s Upper Crust and Buona Gente. I know there are even more than this, to be sure…including dog treats and coffee.

The July Stroll & Savor Second Street event has one more night, Tonight, Thursday July 22, 2010, from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. and then comes back August 18th & 19th. If you decide to buy tickets at the event, there is a ticket booth set up in front of Chase Bank. For more information visit the Belmont Shore Business Association website.

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A self-described Foodie, Chandra can’t wait to sink her teeth into Long Beach Restaurants. She is a native Southern Californian who loves and lives in Long Beach. Chandra has traveled the world tasting, serving and learning about fine food and wine. You can also find her writing on her blog and by following her on Twitter @ChandraClewley

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