Spotlight on Nonprofit: Success in Challenges, Inc.

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success in recently spoke with Candice Maloney, Pr/Marketing & Events Specialist of Success in Challenges, Inc., via email. They talked about the inspirations and challenges of running a nonprofit organization in Long Beach.

How long has Success in Challenges, Inc. been around? Did it start in Long Beach?

Founded in 2001 by Rev. O. Leon Wood, Jr., Success in Challenges, Inc. is a 501 c3 non-profit grassroots social service agency largely serving the Long Beach Community.

Describe Success in Challenges, Inc.. Tell us a little about the nonprofit and its mission.

The Success in Challenges, Inc. overall mission is to plan, develop, and implement programs such as tutorial assistance, and personal, career and vocational counseling. We also strive to work toward the following to better serve Long Beach:

  • To provide community youth and adults with safe, interactive programs that promote good citizenship, character development, creativity and discipline, designed to inspire them to face life’s challenges with enthusiasm and dignity.
  • To be an advocate for the underserved to provide social service programs for low and moderate income families. The elderly, and physically and mentally challenged.
  • To provide special housing programs for single-parent families, low income families, low and moderate income families, the elderly and the physically challenged that includes case management, child care assistance and support programs as needed.
  • To provide employment referral services, job placement assistance, family counseling, and independent
  • life-skill training.

How is Success in Challenges, Inc. different from similar nonprofits?

We house several programs or “entities” under our name that are beneficial to the operation of our organization and conducive to allowing us to accomplish our mission and service to Long Beach.

How is Success in Challenges, Inc. involved with the community?

Currently, we have operate the following programs in the Long Beach Community:

Youth N’ Art
A program designed for children ages 6 to 16 years that allows them to explore their natural creativity with painting and drawing

FCI Job Training Program
A hands-on job training & mentorship program for 9 participants recruited by Success in Challenges, Inc. in partnership with FCI for potential job placement with Southern California Edison Non-Residential Direct Installation unit.

Long Beach Freedom School
A six-week summer enrichment program that is part of the national Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School Program and is specifically designed to enhance the youth’s interest in reading, develop positive attitudes toward learning, cultivate self-esteem and overall connect the needs of their families to local resources.

Saturday Tutorial Academy
A free community program designed to help students with their homework and school assignments and help improve their proficiency primarily in the Math and English subjects.

“Project Clear”
A Tobacco Awareness & Cessation Program sponsored by the City of Long Beach – Department of Health and Human Services.

What is the most rewarding part of running Success in Challenges, Inc.?

Serving the youth and seeing how much our investment in our youth programs like Long Beach Freedom School and Youth ‘N’ Art greatly and positively impact the future of our city.

What are the challenges you face — as a nonprofit, as an advocacy group, or in your industry?

Garnering support and awareness about our program from our local community business leaders, politicians and neighbors. Many people in Long Beach do not know of nor have heard of our organization!

What are the future plans for Success in Challenges, Inc.?

We hope to continue forging powerful connections and relationships with some of the city’s top programs and departments to be able to develop programs that are helpful and beneficial to Long Beach youth and adults in need.

Do you have any special events or fundraisers you’d like to tell us about?

The inaugural soiree, “Be the Movement”, produced by Success in Challenges, Inc., will take place on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 to benefit the Long Beach Freedom School. (For details about this event, please see this article.)

How can people get involved with Success in Challenges, Inc.? What do you need — volunteers, donations, etc?

Donations, Sponsorships and Volunteers are ALWAYS needed to help support our organization and our year-round Long Beach programs.

How to Contact Success in Challenges, Inc.

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