Such A Voice Class To Provide Participants an Opportunity to Learn About a Career in Voice-Overs

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voice over classIn tough economic times like these, there are very few part-time or full-time careers that have been referred to as: “recession-proof.” The least expensive way for a company to advertise is to hire a person to speak about their product or service. That is the very reason why voice-over announcers are working!

Let’s face it, a career that you can create on your own terms, on your own turf (yes, you can do voice-overs at home!), with almost no overhead and the potential to make lots of money, is tantalizing!

Most people have no idea about how to get into the industry. In fact, most people go about it the wrong way. Dan Levine (TONY AWARD NOMINEE and President of SUCH A VOICE) has been watching people get into this exciting industry for over 30 years. He proclaims: “There is only ONE WAY to actually get voice-over work” and he is amazed at the fact that almost nobody goes about it the correct way! Levine knows the business. His way of “thinking outside the box” in what can be a competitive industry has worked for so many students who have taken this class. Many of whom have become spokespersons for some of the largest advertisers in America!

Anne Ganguzza, herself a successful voice-over artist, introduces Dan Levine’s method of actually finding the work, and Such A Voice is thrilled to be offering the class right here in our local community.

The class is a birds-eye view of the field, and if nothing more, almost every student leaves having had fun! There ARE some surprises in the class, but one thing is for sure, after the class is over, you will find out if you have what it takes!

The class is being offered January 18th 7PM-9PM with Long Beach Parks & Recreation. For more details, or to sign up, call 562-570-3111.


5 Responses to “Such A Voice Class To Provide Participants an Opportunity to Learn About a Career in Voice-Overs”
  1. l. romero says:

    My friends and I have been interested in voice overs for a while and started researching the field last year: read the VO Resource Guide, Googled, etc.

    And one thing we learned is to study with teachers who have ots of experience and clients under their belt; a full-time working pro.
    So one thing that would have helped us sign up would be to see a list of Dan’s and Anne’s clients or some credits in the article; even if it’s a partial list.

    (The link to “Such a Voice” while it appears “live” doesn’t take you to the site. Argh … Annoying).

    As I mentioned we’ve done our homework. So if you ever manage to get a veteran voice over artist like Sylvia Aimerito as an instructor, PLEASE post again because we’d sign up in a heartbeat!

    Happy 2012 and best of luck,
    Lincoln, Adam, Sue, and Megan

  2. Romero, I’d love for you to take a look at Anne’s website:

    If you notice, she has actually worked with Sylvia, and there is even a testimonial regarding Anne from Sylvia on her page!

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions via email at

    • l. romero says:

      Hi Berhany,

      About Anne & Sylvia — Cool! It makes sense they’d be acquainted. We figured the vo biz for those at the top of the roster may be a small world. And Anne’s site is great. For future promotions, it would have been convenient and would save clicks — to have had a link to it in the article. Thanks for the update Bethany.

  3. l. romero says:

    Question.. will they be covering setting up a simple home studio?

  4. l. romero says:

    Guess not.