Sweat for a Vet at Frog’s Fitness

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sweat for a vet, frogs fitnessDemonstrating compassion and appreciation for the service of disabled military veterans, Frog’s Fitness at Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) will host “Sweat for a Vet” 2010 on May 1 from 9-11a.m., an outdoor Krank-athon/spin-athon event that will help raise funds to purchase Krankcycles for spinal cord injury centers at VA hospitals.

Sweating for the veterans during the fundraiser will be CSULB students and student veterans, CSULB professors and staff, Frog’s employees and Forrest Ward, president of KrankcycleRx.

“The funds raised during “Sweat for a Vet” will be used to purchase Johnny G. Krankcycles® and other equipment to donate to spinal cord injury centers at VA hospitals and other facilities across the nation,” explained Ayla Donlin, general manager of Frog’s Fitness. “We would obviously be looking to get a Krankcycle here at the Long Beach VA. Our goal is to get at least one at each of the approximately 24 centers across the nation.”

To raise enough money for the goal of purchasing nearly 24 Krankcycles, “Sweat for a Vet” at Frog’s Fitness will be followed on Nov. 13 by a national Sweat for a Vet fundraiser. The national event will include fitness facilities from across the country that will simultaneously support the cause by hosting their own “Sweat for a Vet” Krank-athons.

By removing the seat, the Krankcycle enables those who use wheelchairs to roll up and utilize the equipment in the same way others do. It features independent crank arms, which enables each arm to drive, but not assist the other arm. This forces the use of all the muscles of the upper body in a well-balanced, performance-improving rhythm that provides cardio-respiratory endurance and strength training in the limbs, core and back.

The Krankcycle and the “Kranking Training System” were invented by Johnny G., who in the mid-1990s invented spinning, an exercise craze that is still growing today. Built by Matrix, it is the first exercise machine and system to focus on the arms and upper body as a way to build cardio fitness.

“This is a huge acknowledgement and effort for our veterans that supports them in a very tangible and practical way,” said Donlin. “These men and women have given up so much for us and our country. Many are seeking rehabilitation and to be engaged in an active lifestyle again. So we’re doing our part by giving them a highly functional tool to improve their upper body strength and cardio fitness as they go through the rehabilitation process.”

Ward, who is also a trainer and group exercise instructor through Project VisAbility, is an Army veteran who became paraplegic after being injured in a helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan.

“Krankcycles in spinal cord injury centers provide disabled athletes the ability to train indoors without weather being a factor. They are also great at assisting veterans [with more severe injuries] who need help getting into their handcycles,” said Ward. “In addition, people with more severe injuries than I have, such as quadriplegics who have dexterity issues, may use adaptive gloves [with Krankcycles] and receive the cardio and strength building workouts they need in order to make the most of their rehabilitation.”

Ward added, “Being able to exercise is an incredible confidence boost for those who are newly injured. If a facility has the space for multiple Krankcycles, that center could create a training scenareio that is similar to military PT [physical training], which veterans are accustomed to while on active duty. It has been proven that this type of exercising builds incredible relationships among soldiers.”

To register for Frog’s “Sweat for a Vet” event, contact Ayla Donlin at ayla.donlin@frogsfit.com or 562/985-5995. There is a $25 registration fee.

Visit www.sweatforavet.kintera.org to register for a “Sweat for a Vet” event on Nov. 13.

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