Teamsters Endorse Richardson for Reelection in 44th District Race

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Congresswoman Laura Richardson

Congresswoman Laura Richardson gets backing from the Teamsters.

The 1.4 million current and 500,000 retired members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have announced that they strongly endorsed Congresswoman Laura Richardson for reelection in the newly constructed 44th District.

“Laura Richardson has been a proven champion for labor and our over 1 million members for years, as well as an expert in transportation related issues.  The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is, therefore, proud to offer our strongest endorsement and commitment to help Congresswoman Laura Richardson in her reelection to Congress in the 44th District,” said Randy Cammack International Vice President from Southern California.

Richardson has a long history of support from labor going back to her time on the Long Beach City Council, in the California State Assembly and for the past four years as a Member of Congress.

“I am honored to have the support of the Teamsters and working families as I move toward reelection.  As the country still struggles financially, with the help of the Teamsters, I will be the Representative in Washington standing in solidarity with the good movement workers who are literally carrying our fragile economy and our nation forward.  Representing this port community that moves over 45% of the nation’s cargo I will continue to fight as a voice in Washington to protect and maintain much needed jobs and the working families in the United States as we compete overseas,” said Congresswoman Richardson.

“With two of the nation’s busiest ports playing such an important role in the 44th District, few have more at stake as that the Teamsters as the workers that move our goods throughout the nation.  I will continue to work with the Teamsters and represent their needs as I have done throughout my career.  I am grateful for their support and I look forward to working with the Brothers and Sisters of the Teamsters to get our District and country back to work!” said Congresswoman Richardson.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has worked to secure the rights of millions of workers as one of the nation’s largest and most influential Labor Unions since 1903.  The Teamsters represent a diverse spectrum of workers in a variety of industries and trades in both the public and private sectors.  Their endorsement is a significant boost to Congresswoman Richardson as she peruses reelection in California’s new 44th District.

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