Tell the city what you want in the next Police Chief

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lbpd-chief-surveyResidents, employees and business owners are encouraged to take an online survey to rate their most important public safety issues and leadership qualities to help the City of Long Beach select its next Chief of Police.

The brief survey will help to identify public safety challenges and opportunities facing the City of Long Beach, as well as the skills and attributes residents feel are most important for the position. The survey includes the opportunity for residents to rank attributes for the police chief as well as policy  priorities.

Rank the most pressing Public Safety issues facing Long Beach. Options include:

  1. gang reduction,
  2. crime prevention,
  3. financial management of the Department’s budget,
  4. terrorism and
  5. community policing, etc.

The, rank the most important leadership traits in a Police Chief. Options include:

  1. integrity,
  2. financial management experience,
  3. innovation,
  4. visibility in the community,
  5. bilingual,
  6. consensus building skills and
  7. educational background, etc.

The survey will be available at until January 22. (It’s the second post under “featured news.”)


One Response to “Tell the city what you want in the next Police Chief”
  1. Russell R Bradford says:

    I was with the LBPD from 1961-1985 as a Handwriting Examiner attached to the Forgery Detail. The City hired an outside Chief in 1977 – Carl J Calkins and in 1987 Lawrence Brinkley. Both were qualified, but outsiders have a difficult time. I worked Santa Monica Police as an ID Tech 1956-1961 and the Chief was Otto Faulkner, former Captain at LBPD. My father was at LBPD so I knew Otto and was his only friend at Santa Monica. No matter how qualified an outsider is, it is very difficult to earn the respect of the officers

    I recommend you hire a current LBPD officer as the new Chief.