The Abbey Company

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the-abbey-companyEverythingLongBeach recently spoke with Peter Schafer, Leasing Manager of The Abbey Company, via email. They talked about inspirations, challenges and what’s it’s like having a business in Downtown.

How long have you been in business?:

The Abbey Company was formed in 1990 and has continued to grow through 2009.

Describe The Abbey Company:

Headquartered in Long Beach, The Abbey Company is a privately held commercial real estate investment and management firm founded by Donald G. Abbey to acquire and manage value-added real estate investments for its own account. The company currently owns and operates over 50 properties, totalling over 5.3 million square feet. The company is dedicated to controlling all facets of its business including acquisitions, leasing, management, maintenance, construction, development, and marketing.

The Abbey Company is determined to be the low cost provider of quality real estate including office, industrial, and retail buildings in any market it operates. This objective is realized through world class leadership, sound acquisitions, vertically integrated organization, and unparalleled company synergy.

What makes The Abbey Company stand out?

The Abbey Company recognizes and capitalizes on market inefficiencies resulting in financially strong positions and a low cost basis for the company. These advantages are passed to its tenants through lower rents and superior service.

On-site management, leasing, maintenance, and support services create an environment that fosters success for tenants of The Abbey Company.

What is the biggest success The Abbey Company has had?

A recent success story is the 2009 acquisition of City Parkway, a 3-building, Class A office project in the City of Orange.

This acquisition demonstartes the company’s strong position and reaffirms the company philosophies by making a milestone transaction in a very tough economic climate.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

The biggest challenge The Abbey Company faces, like most businesses, is controlling costs while fostering an environment for growth.

How is The Abbey Company involved with the community?

The Abbey Company is dedicated to being an active and positive member of the communities in which it operates. This includes, but is not limited to memberships in chambers of commerce and other community organizations; participation in charitable events; making charitable donations; and developing positive relationships with the municipalities where the properties are located, including the Long Beach Police Department and the Long Beach Fire Department.

Do you have any future plans for The Abbey Company?

The company is continuously executing a plan for growth that will add value to the company and give it a stronger position that will allow it to better serve its tenants.

One Last Thing:

The company owns three major properties in Long Beach:

  • Catalina Landing – a Class A office project in Downtown Long Beach; home to The Abbey Company headquarters.
  • The Long Beach Hangar – a truly unique industrial/special use property on the Long Beach Airport; home to the Long Beach Fire and Police Departments.
  • Atlantic Plaza – a quality retail center and the first asset owned by The Abbey Company.

The Abbey Company Details:

  • Address: 310 Golden Shore, Suite 300, Long Beach, CA 90802
  • Phone Number: 310-435-2100
  • Website:

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