The Annex a Neighborhood Bar Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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Annex SunsetEverythingLongBeach recently spoke with Jerome Chiaro, owner of Annex, via email. They talked about inspirations, challenges and what’s it’s like having a business in Los Altos.

How long have you been in business?:

15 yrs

Describe your business:

The Annex is a little neighborhood beer bar built in 1952. It is always filled with regulars, and is an unpretentious place to be. There is an antique shuffleboard table, Internet jukebox, NFL package with 7 flat screen TVs, a Glacier cooled beer system with 12 tap beers, plenty of parking, $1 street tacos on Sat/Sun, hot dogs, and lots of nice barmaids to serve you.We were just written up on the front page of “Cheers” in the Press-Telegram (Sept 30th 2010)

Why did you start Annex?

I love this industry and have been in it for 30 yrs and worked in every facet of the business, from bartender to manager to owner.

What makes Annex stand out?

There are very few old time beer bars left in Long Beach with this kind of nostalgia and cozy atmosphere. It is such a comfortable place to just sit and chat with friends or a person you just met.

What is the biggest success Annex has had?

Just serving the regulars in the neighborhood, and making it the place to be is a big success. The Annex was just featured in the Press-Telegram “Cheers” section on Sept 30th, 2010.

What is your favorite part of running your business?

Talking to my customers and seeing how they are that day.

What are the biggest challenges you face?

Trying to keep my bottom line in check with the way this Administration is crushing private business and taxing us into oblivion.

How is Annex involved with the community?

Belong to the BSBA

Do you have any future plans for Annex?

Expand to the building next door and put in a kitchen.

What is the best advice that you received and who did it come from?

Try not to take things so personal.

One Last Thing:
Hi to all my loyal customers!

Annex Details:

Address:  4300 Stearns Street

Phone Number:  562 597-0560



One Response to “The Annex a Neighborhood Bar Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
  1. taylor says:

    Great to see the spotlight on The Annex, especially since I have an aversion to natural light like many of the patrons. I look forward to many fun nights there in the future.