Coastal Cool The Beach House, Retail Sanctuary

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Coastal Cool The Beach House, Retail Sanctuary    Submitted by Elizabeth Anderson

The Beach House has everything going for it: unique gifts and a proprietor who defines coastal cool. Greta Simbler is armed with charm, good taste and an eclectic mix of beautiful merchandise that reflects the pleasures of being at the beach.

Discover botanicals, collectables, ornaments, home décor, gorgeous shell wreaths, clothing, hand-made jewelry including pendants made of rare, locally discovered sea glass ~ symbols of reinvention, rejuvenation and new beginnings. Appropriate, as Greta breathes new life into Shoreline Village, a destination modeled after a 19th century fishing village.

The magic happens inside a Hamptons-meets-Cape Cod beach boutique ~ so intimate, stylish, fun and chic, it should grace the cover of designer magazines. Not to mention The Beach House, has a room with a view.

The selling feature? Not a mall in sight. Sanctuary!

Nestled in Shoreline Village, The Beach House is an oasis of nautical taste. Instead of the usual fare, you’ll find beautiful items versus run of the mill tourist kitch. Sophistication with the personal touch. The lost art of manners and customer service is alive and well, too. How do shoppers spell success this holiday season? Beach House!

A visual feast makes it clear that the owner, Greta, has more than a job. She has a calling and a passion called The Beach House. For shoppers, it’s a welcome refuge from the ordinary, a tasteful hideaway from of a world filled with mass produced everything.

In a recession that just won’t quit, The Beach house succeeds with ease. One out of three new businesses in California are born of entrepreneurism. Most of those are led by women just like Greta. By the way, she’s also one of the few female cooks professionally trained and honored (with Bronze and Silver Awards) by The internationally acclaimed American Culinary Federation. See what she’s cooking up now!

“Running my store is no different than being a great cook. Mixing, matching and blending just the right ingredients, creating something new and fresh, is a work of art. Having prepared wonderful meals and pastries in hotels, casinos and in competitions, I’m in tune with public trends and tastes. As a 3rd generation Californian, I am still cooking up a storm. For me, reinvention and transformation is the spice of life!”

Celebrate the All-American neighborhood spirit this holiday season. The Beach House is perfect reason why. Chart your course, stay close to home and let the great deals light your way!

Speaking of lights, you can’t miss the Lighthouse. It’s the first thing you see from the front door of The Beach House. The historic Queen Mary stands watch as pleasure boats come and go. By nightfall, the lighthouse changes from blue to pink to purple. Lighthouses are sentinels of hope and comfort. The same could be said of The Beach House.

The Beach House is surrounded by the beautiful Rainbow Harbor. Parking is a snap and it’s a short adventure up the boardwalk as you head to The Beach House. Listen closely. Wind chimes let you know that you are close.

After shopping, take the water taxi (AquaBus), the Passport or walk to everything else from the water’s edge to the artfully-illuminated art-deco downtown. There’s a reason why countless television shows and movies are made here. Just like The Beach House, this scenic urban, coastal gem never lets you down.

Long Beach, blessed by near-perfect weather and sailing conditions year-round, makes shopping a breeze at The Beach House. Explore this getaway within a city, a place for all seasons, including the holidays.

Shop local and rediscover your own backyard. See What You’ve Been Missing.
The Beach House is located at 429 Shoreline Village Drive #T Long Beach, CA. 90802. 562-590-0319

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