The Children’s Clinic Announces Staff Changes

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The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families (TCC) announce a new addition and a promotion within its management team.

“Erika Jewell has been a key member of our staff for many years and we are pleased to promote her to the position of Director of Development” said TCC’s CEO, Dr. Elisa Nicholas. “We are also pleased to welcome Penelope Leon as our new Director of Public Relations, Special Events and Giving for TCC.”

erika-hainleyErika Jewell, LCSW, Director of Development

Erika initially joined TCC as a clinical social worker, experiencing the clinic’s operations and the needs of the patient population first hand. Erika is active in numerous community coalitions and brings with her a background in grants management. Erika has served in leadership roles within the organization for several years. She is also an appointee to the State Department of Health Services Office of Multicultural Health Advisory Council. Erika has a special connection to Long Beach and TCC as her first pediatrician was a Board Officer in 1953, her grandmother is a member of the Children’s Benefit League, one of TCC’s supporters and has a family full of Long Beach’s public servants (teachers and police officers).

penelope-leonPenelope Leon, Director of Public Relations, Special Events and Giving

Penelope brings over 10 years experience in public relations and strategic planning to TCC. Most recently as a communications and development manager for a non-profit health care agency. She brings a wealth of experience in community outreach and development having served as the director of community resource programs serving underprivileged youth and their families throughout south Orange County.

About TCC

The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families was founded in 1939 by a group of local physicians and community leaders. The independent not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) system of licensed community health centers at six sites is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate comprehensive health care, health promotion and disease prevention to children, youth and adults. Each year, more than 18,600 medically underserved, low income and high-risk children and families are served through more than 55,000 health care visits in the Greater Long Beach area.Th

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