Weaving the Worlds the Grandmother Teachings With Robin Tekwelus Youngblood June 9th and 10th

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Weaving the Worlds the Grandmother Teachings

Robin Tekwelus Youngblood

On June 9th and June 10th at Maple Village School Robin Tekwelus Youngblood, Okanagan/Tsalagi, will share the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, by incorporating storytelling and sharing ancient teachings for modern times, through chant, dance, music, ceremony and conscious evolutionary design.

Participants will work, pray and play in community for two days. Together they will experience: Introduction to the Medicine Wheel as a foundation for transformation, unification and manifestation, Experience the Medicine Wheel, using Sound, Movement, Journaling to release outmoded patterns and allow new direction in your life, Shamanic Journeys – Accessing Ancestral Wisdom, Connection with your guides and Totems, The Sacred Lodge, a ceremony of Purification and Renewal, Talking Circles and community Wheel of Co-Creation, in which we will encourage and support transformation for All Our Relations during these transitional times, and Food Alchemy by ‘She’ Connect to the medicine and wisdom within Food.

Robin Youngblood is a bridge between ancient Native American traditions and European cultures. Her Okanagon ancestors roamed from British Columbia to the Columbia River in northern Washington. She is a Sundancer and Winter Dancer; has been traditionally trained by Native American, Aborigine, Maori, Hawaiian, and Siberian elders and shaman. Robin facilitates ritual, ceremonies, soul retrieval, and energy healing. Besides being an artist and teacher, Robin is a story-teller, and published author of “Path of the White Wolf” with Sandra D’Entremont. Robin is a member of Grandmothers Circle, the Earth Foundation, a council of Indigenous Wisdom Keepers. Her websites are www.dreamingshaman.com and www.churchoftheearth.org.

Weaving the Worlds the Grandmother Teachings is June 9th and June 10th from 9:30am to 5:30pm at Maple Village School 4017 East 6th Street Long Beach, CA 90814. Lunch, snacks and tea included. Exchange $152.00 for both days/ $76.00 for one.

*a portion of the fee shall be donated back to Maple Village School

To RSVP email Suzanne Toro at suzannetoro@gmail.com or visit on  Facebook.

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