The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow Opens Saturday At The Long Beach Playhouse

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What happens when an agoraphobic, compulsive-obsessive teenager with a genius IQ gets her hands on obsolete missile parts? A robot named Jenny Chow.

Jennifer Marcus is nagged by her parents, hates to do chores and has a job overhauling obsolete missile parts. Despite being afraid to leave her house, Jennifer engages with the world through her computer and builds a robot she calls Jenny Chow. What follows is a story that will engage, entertain and delight the audience and entice them to ponder the question “What makes a family a family?”


  • Jennifer Jung,
  • Sayaka Miyatani,
  • Susan Taylor
  • Harriet Whitmyer
  • Skip Blas
  • Jaimz Woolvet
  • Andrew Pedroza

Sean Gray, Director said earlier this week, “One thing that attracts me to this play is how modern it is.  With its use of instant messaging, webcams, Skype, and robots, the play uses technology that is very right now.  Not a lot of plays do that.  And it uses these elements to tell a very ancient and universal story: the conflict and love between children and their parents.”

When asked about any possible positive messages he said, “The play really talks about the isolation we create for ourselves through all of our technological innovations.  Jennifer Marcus can communicate with anyone in the world whenever she wants, yet ultimately she is alone.  She is isolated in her room, and because of her OCD and agoraphobia, she really doesn’t have any lasting relationships with anyone.  Though this isn’t really a positive message, it is something that we can all recognize these days.  When does our technology stop being beneficial and start being a detriment?”

Gray went on to say, “This show is not the usual fare for the Mainstage.  It may challenge some who only expect to see an Agatha Christie mystery or a British sex farce downstairs.  However, with a fun and heartbreaking story and a show that mixes modern technology with a lot of  theatrical spectacle, I think anyone who enjoys good theater will be easily won over.

The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow opens May 19 on Playhouse Mainstage Theater. It promises to deliver audiences a laughter filled evening rich with memorable characters, a lot of heart, and fast-paced action and dialogue.

The public is invited to purchase tickets for the opening night reception and gala on May 19 where they may mix and mingle with the cast and crew. The show will continue on Friday nights (8 p.m.), Saturday nights (8 p.m.) and Sunday matinees, (2 p.m.) through Saturday, June 16, 2012.

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