The Long Beach Branch NAACP to Host a Community Health Meeting Featuring Jazz & Blues Singer Barbara Morrison

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NAACP community health meeting

In addition to performing, Barbara Morrison will share her experience with Diabetes.

The Long Beach Branch NAACP will host a community health meeting featuring the renowned Jazz & Blues singer Barbara Morrison. This program is important because it highlights some major Silent Killer Diseases such as: Diabetes, Hypertension, & Heart Disease. Jazz & Blues artist Barbara Morrison will share her story about Diabetes. St. Mary Medical Center has been in the forefront as a medical institution doing outreach and education for communities of color about the health impact of silent killers. Over 900,000 die in America due to heart disease. Heart disease is considered the number one silent killer.  Diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease and unfortunately 5.9 million people are unaware that they have the disease. Diabetes and hypertension are risk factors for heart disease.

Other components of the program includes; health screenings, silent killer disease literature, medical professionals and testimonies from survivors such as; Alvin Hayes- musician and educator, the renowned jazz singer Barbara Morrison, Yulandria Pearson former corporate executive, Long Beach NAACP President Naomi Rainey retired educator and President of NRP Properties and Rentals and Registered Nurse Raefieal Thompkins.

Many diseases are silent killers in that they are silent (no symptoms or only vague symptoms), and that they are deadly. There are a number of diseases that are known as “silent killers” because they gradually consume you without causing any serious symptoms in the early stages. Regular medical checkups and early diagnosis of unexplained or vague symptoms can save your life. This event could be life saving.

We are looking for community members that have silent killer diseases diagnosis, from their doctor to participate in other workshops and programs. To share your story or to help with the project email the Long Beach Branch NAACP at, send a letter to LB Branch NAACP, P.O Box 1594, Long Beach 90801.

Grant funds from Dignity Health Care and in-kind services from St Mary’s Medical Center enable the Long Beach Branch to expand their existing program. Other community partners are welcome. The community health meeting with renowned jazz singer Barbara Morrison is open to the public. The concert and meeting will be held Sunday, July 21, 2012 at 3pm. The location is Ernest McBride, Sr. Park, 1550 Martin Luther King Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90813.

For additional information and to RSVP due to limited seating you may e-mail the Long Beach Branch NAACP at or call 562-856-7586.

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