The Next LBOpera Cinema Event: The Love for the Three Oranges

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the-love-for-the-three-orangesPlan now to start your Halloween morning at the Art Theatre of Long Beach. On Sunday October 31, 2010 the Next LBOpera Cinema event The Love for the Three Oranges, by Sergei Prokofiev premiers at the Art Theatre.

This opera, premiered in Chicago in 1921, is a farce about a morose, hypochondriacal Prince in the land of the King of Clubs. His father tries to make him laugh with the help of the wizard, Tchelio, while Princess Clarice and the Prime Minister want him to die so they can take over the kingdom, and are aided by the witch, Fata Morgana. Commedia dell’arte figures help, hinder and comment. Morgana dooms the Prince to fall in love with three oranges; after confrontations with a huge cook, a rat, and a lovely princess, all eventually turns out well.

The just-about-perfect production from the Netherlands Opera, designed and directed by Laurent Kelly, is playful, brilliantly colorful, and fun to watch. Huge playing cards make up the scenery and props and sets whirl in and around. The Prince, in his pajamas throughout, may be dreaming, and there are special effects galore. You’ll probably never see a better performance of this wacky work.

LBOpera Cinema showing of The Love for the Three Oranges by Sergei Prokofiev is Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 11:00am at the Art Theatre of Long Beach 2025 E. 4th St., Long Beach, 90814.

$10 buys you coffee, a lecture, and great company… the movie is free!
Get your Sunday morning delight here.

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