The Promenade Cafe: All Aboard!

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I was antsy for something to do so a girlfriend came over and we decided to explore our local treasure the Queen Mary and grab a bite aboard the ship.  For lunch, you only have the choice of the Promenade Café, a recently remodeled central part of the ship, which overlooks the Long Beach skyline.

We were seated in the dining room and ordered a glass of wine. The furniture is still dated, but the art deco tables and chairs fit in with the overall theme of the ship. The black and white photos that are hanging on the wall are of famous passengers that traveled when the Queen Mary was in commission, including regular passengers like The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

The food was mostly greasy spoon on the menu, and I ordered the Fish and Chips while my friend ordered the Burger. Honestly, the wine list was better than the food menu, for selection. Our service was really impeccable. Our waitress didn’t write anything down, repeated our orders and really had it dialed in. She was great.

The Fish and Chips were great! We also had the Onion Rings which were super deep fried and super good! The Cheeseburger was quite simple and straightforward.  The food was your average café food, with the bonus of good wine and really great service.

Another perk was that we were able to walk around the ship and later took a (paid) tour of the engine room. It was beautiful on the well preserved decks and the art deco was truly something to see.

The downside? Parking was $12!! We weren’t expecting that amount, particularly after patronizing a restaurant and taking the tour! Particularly when both of us have been there so many times before that no one is manning the toll booth and we have sailed through for free. We chalked it up to finally paying our dues for parking free so many years before.

The Promenade Café is on the Queen Mary is open from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday and is open for dinner Thursday through Sunday.


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One Response to “The Promenade Cafe: All Aboard!”
  1. rick says:

    We often would like to dine on the Queen but we refuse to pay for parking while dining..a rip off. They should at least validate; perhaps they would have more guests. It’s like going to the supermarket and having to pay to park. Makes no sense.