The Wine Tasting Trolley Prepares to Depart District Wine Station

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trolley wine tasting district wine The Wine Tasting Trolley mixes old world charm with something new: a flight of special boutique wines, gourmet treats and tips from the pros. Vino and Vintage Long Beach have much in common: they’re works of art. Learn a little about both as your Trolley Tasting-To-Go rolls through a unique, urban coastal gem.   Sip, Savor, and Slow the pace of the human race.

Travel hidden Long Beach, the pre-Hollywood home of Balboa Studios and the Silent Movie Era.  Show Biz is still here. But, like great wine, we have a past! Howard Hughes made his only flight of The Spruce Goose over Rainbow Harbor. Amelia Earhart vowed to be a pilot after watching stunt flyers here. You’ll be cleared for take-off at the Art Deco doorstep of District Wine, your Trolley Station.

We drive. You sample spirits and appetizers on the finest chinette money can buy! Cruising Connoisseurs even get a surprise pit stop to meet the local color!

Be a tourist. Tie your trolley itinerary to endless concerts, art exhibits, street fairs, plays, museums and more! Hip happenings breathe new life and reinvention into historical, architectural landmarks.  The last great place rises.

In one hour, The Wine Tasting Trolley road trip ends where it began, at District Wine. Located in the heart of the vibrant East Arts Village, mecca for emerging artists and musicians. Everything is within easy walking distance of the restaurants, hotels, galleries, shops and hot spots you’ve seen along the way.

At District Wine, your Wine Tasting Trolley Station, test-drive this extra-cool establishment. Meet owners Angela Mesna and Mark Dunton. Relax or shop for your favorite vintage. Conscious consumerism is also on tap. You will also find hand-made, one-of-a-kind works of art. Created by local and international artisans, partial proceeds help support vital causes and the rising stars who created these collectibles. Changing lives, one trolley at a time.  Just like magic, right here in Long Beach, The International City, you’ll be a global citizen making a difference.

The Wine Tasting Trolley tour cost $35.00 per person, and has a 48-hour cancellation policy.  Please be prompt. Trolleys leave on time.

For more information or to reserve a Wine Tasting Trolley event, visit the LizMedia, Inc. website or call 323-646-0322.

District Wine is located at 144 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, California 90802

For more information call District Wine 562-612-0411 or visit the District Wine website.

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