T’sSpace, beachgreens and Farm Lot 59 Host Third Annual Local Harvest Dinner Sunday, October 21

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T’sSpace and collaborative partners announce the third annual Local Harvest Dinner on Sunday, October 21, 2012 at Farm Lot 59. The gathering will bring together community gardeners, farmers, sustainable chefs and organic produce providers to share knowledge of growing food locally and organically.

This pot-luck experience offers local residents a chance to commune with the areas most informative sources on the subject, exchange products and produce from their harvest at an on-site trading and enjoy live musical performance during the event. There will also be a children’s area sponsored by local artists.

Attendees are asked to bring their own place settings, contribute a vegetarian dish made from locally grown organic ingredients to share with 6-8 people, and to display a sign explaining their recipe. All will share a communal meal and give thanks to those who bring us nourishing food, and meet new friends!

“We promised that last year we would host our 3rd Local Harvest Dinner at the farm and are proud to say that Farm Lot 59 is up and growing. We are passionate about the importance of supporting food grown locally and exchanging our passions with one another. Together we celebrate community, wellness, gratitude and inspiration,” says Tanya Quinn.

What to bring: A dish to share with 6-8 people made from local, organic and sustainable ingredients, place card describing your dish and your own place seating (plate, cup, napkin and utensils).

The third annual Local Harvest Dinner is Sunday, October 21, from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. at Farm Lot 59 at 2712 California Ave, Long Beach.

Cost: $5-$10 suggested donation at the door (A portion of the proceeds to benefit Farm Lot59)

RSVP: Email Tanya Quinn at: Tanya.Quinn@CommuneLoveProsper.com with attendee name(s), phone and email address or call 562-824-0453.

Special Support from the Catalyst Community and Moonlight Collective Ensemble.

About T’sSpace: T’sSpace is the creation of local Long Beach artist, resident and business owner, Tanya Quinn. With her expertise in the fields of holistic nutrition, green living, and natural beauty, Tanya has been providing individual clients with personalized support on their journey to health and wellness. In addition she creates workshops, collaborative events, products and services that inspire conscious, simple and healthy living. From the garden, to your table, from the womb to your arms, from our heart to yours, let us serve you and celebrate the full circle of life. We aspire to provide both pleasure and instruction on various topics of body, mind and spirit. Please visit T’sSpace at www.CommuneLoveProsper.com to learn more.

About beachgreens: Beachgreens, started by local resident, Aliye Aydin is the first locally owned delivery service in the greater Long Beach area to focus on bringing fresh organic and sustainably grown produce from farms no more than 300 miles away directly to clients (delivery area includes Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Lakewood, Sunset Beach and Surfside). This makes “farm fresh” fruits and vegetables readily available for busy people who can’t always get to the farmer’s market. Please visit beachgreens at www.beachgreens.com to learn more.

About Farm Lot 59:  Farm Lot 59 is a 1-acre biointensive farm in the middle of Long Beach, California started in 2011 by Long Beach resident, Sasha Kanno. We believe in the direct connection between farmer and consumer. Local farming makes it possible to distribute fresh and pesticide free produce to local consumers. The consumer who buys direct from the farm enjoys fresh, ethically and responsibly farmed products that are considered more nutritious because of their freshness. Consumers have the opportunity to see where their food comes from and know exactly who grew it. We have created an urban/ rural connection within the local community. Please visit Farm Lot 59 at LongBeachLocal.org to learn more.


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