Tips to Protect Yourself From Fraud During The Holiday Season

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The Long Beach Police Department would like to remind consumers to take precautions and not become a fraud statistic this holiday season.

During this time of the year, credit and debit cards are certain to be one of the most commonly used forms of payment. With the surge of reported domestic and international fraud schemes, which have flourished in the City of Long Beach and throughout the southern California region, consumers are urged to take extra precautions to secure their personal information.

Here are a few prevention tips to help minimize your risk of becoming a victim this holiday season:

  • Monitor your ATM/Debit card transactions.
  • Card “Skimming”, which is a device used to capture account and personal information encoded on magnetic stripes, has become pervasive throughout the country.
  • When entering your “PIN” number, shield the keypad with your other hand to prevent exposure to others or recordable devices Make certain the ATM card reader is securely attached to the machine, if unsecured, alert the financial institution Be vigilant in monitoring your account(s) online or by telephone
  • Track and review all of your bank and credit card statements for irregular activity
  • Use the credit card feature at the gas pumps; your zip code, not PIN, is required
  • Never provide over the telephone your social security number, bank account numbers or date of birth
  • Do not wire money to anyone you do not know
  • Do not respond to e-mails requesting you to “Confirm, Update, or Provide” account information
  • Do not imprint social security or driver licenses on your personal checks
  • Request annually from the credit reporting agencies a copy of your “Consumer Credit Profile Report” and review for unusual activity
  • Use a cross-shredder to destroy sensitive documents including bank records and promotional “pre-approved” credit card applications

For further information contact the Long Beach Police Department Financial Crimes Section at (562) 570-7330.

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