Amnesty Day offers a free way to recycle tires (and ewaste)

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tire amnesty days - dispose of old tires for freeAll throughout the state, cities are gearing up for Tire Amnesty Days—a resident’s one free chance to dispose of old tires. Why should you care about Tire Amnesty Days?

Did you know that old tires can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes? Mosquitoes look for stagnate, shallow water—exactly the type that often collects in discarded tires. Although West Nile Virus has not been documented in Long Beach yet this season, activity was reported in Los Angeles County last month, and residents must be vigilant about preventing standing water where ever it collects.

Illegally stockpiled, tires can quickly pose not only public health risks, but environmental risks as well. Tires tend to be dumped outside and left to rot in large, overgrown heaps. In addition to the potential for groundwater contamination, these stock-piles are an ever-present fire danger.

To top it all off, tires can’t be disposed of in landfills or left out for the recycling truck. Usually, the only way to get rid of old tires is to haul them to a facility and pay a disposal fee.

Tire Amnesty Days provide a time, place and free way to get rid of used tires. Once a year residents can take advantage of a special no-cost opportunity to dispose of used tires in a convenient way. California gives $40 million to municipalities to support tire amnesty days.

Long Beach residents are invited to dispose of their old tires in an environmentally safe manner during a free Tire Amnesty Day on Saturday July 10.

No rims will be accepted and residents can only dispose of five tires or less per car. (Please note that it is a violation of the California Vehicle Code to transport ten or more tires at one time.)

In conjunction with Tire Amnesty Day, the city will also host an ewaste collection event. Even if not turning in tires, anyone can drive by and drop off electronic waste including old televisions, computers, monitors, printers, VCRs, cell phones, DVD players, microwave ovens, etc. Please no hazardous waste.

The free E-Waste Collection and Tire Amnesty Day free disposal event will both take place on Saturday, July 10, from 9 am to 1 pm at the Environmental Services Bureau, 2929 E. Willow St. (Just east of Temple Avenue.) For more information, visit or call 562.570.4694.

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