Tom Modica Appointed to Serve as Deputy City Manager

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Tom Modica, new

Tom Modica, new Deputy City Manager for the City of Long Beach.

Today City Manager Patrick H. West announced the appointment of Tom Modica to the position of Deputy City Manager. Prior to his appointment, Modica served as the Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives in the City Manager’s Office, coordinating the City’s federal, state and local relations as well as managing the City’s ever-growing communication functions.

“With Deputy City Manager Reggie Harrison now leading the Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communication and focusing on priority issues such as the consolidation of emergency communications and dispatch, updating the City’s Disaster Management Plan, and Homeland Security coordination, there is a need in the City Manager’s Office for a Deputy City Manager to assist with day-to-day operations and continuing to run this organization at high speed to accomplish the significant goals the Mayor and City Council have set for us,” West said. 

As Deputy City Manager, Modica will continue to oversee external affairs, maintaining oversight over Government Affairs, Communications and Regional initiatives like water quality, transportation, regional planning, and state and regional funding issues. Modica will also serve in an executive management role to assist the City Manager and Assistant City Manager guide and facilitate department projects, lead special initiatives, solve problems, continue the City’s innovation and technology efforts, and maintain Long Beach’s position as a regional leader on municipal issues.

“During his tenure with the City, Tom Modica has demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills, both in daily operations and special initiatives, while working closely with departments and the City’s elected officials,” West said. “He also has a keen ability to anticipate opportunities for achieving the City’s long term goals.”

Modica has worked with City departments and elected officials on several initiatives over the years, including the long-term improvement in the City’s ocean water quality, management and oversight of $120 million in Stimulus funds, protection of the City’s interests through the dissolution of Redevelopment, the study of the Long Beach Breakwater, the 2010 City Council Redistricting process, and coordinating citywide media and communications issues, including the City’s award-winning use of social media.

Modica has worked for the City of Long Beach for the past 11 years, starting as a Management Assistant in July 2002, and has served in a number of different roles in the City Manager’s Office including Assistant to the City Manager, Government Affairs Manager, and Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Initiatives. He lives in Long Beach with his wife and two children.

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