Top 10 tips for keeping fitness resolutions in 2010

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gym-fitnessIt’s time for resolutions and to help people making fitness goals in 2010, Gold’s Gym  has issued this “Top 10 List of ‘Fail Proof’ Resolution Tips.” In addition, the gym invites residents to visit any nearby Gold’s Sunday, January 3 to use the free, interactive “Resolution Builder” get customized workouts and tips based on their personal fitness skills and goals.

“Every year, millions of people make a pledge to get fit in the New Year,” said Lisa Zoellner, Chief Marketing Officer of Gold’s Gym International. “Yet despite their best efforts, most get sidetracked because they don’t have a fail proof action plan in place. By consulting with the experts on the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, we have put together the most comprehensive list of tips, taking ‘failure’ out of the nation’s vocabulary.”

The following fitness tips for success were created through a collaboration that included prominent sports psychologist, Dr. Belisa Vranich and leading celebrity trainers, Mike Ryan and Adam Friedman.

The Top 10 Tips for Keeping Health and Fitness Resolutions

  1. Visualize your end result. Create a strong image in your mind of what you want to look and feel like when you reach your goals. Remember it throughout the process.
  2. Get a fitness assessment. It’s critical to know your starting point and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Going forward, continue to get a fitness reassessment every 8-12 weeks to track your progress.
  3. A goal without a plan is only a wish. Stop wishing you were in great shape and start mapping out a concrete plan to get there. The Gold’s Gym “Resolution Builder” can help here.
  4. Set small achievable goals that build momentum.  While long term goals are important, short term goals give you mini successes throughout your journey to get in shape.
  5. Create a schedule to reinforce consistency.
  6. Keep a journal of your exercise and dietary intake on a daily basis to be present with the day-to-day process.
  7. Change up your workout routine every 4-6 weeks. Over time, your muscles will adapt to a fitness routine.  This is why it is important to mix up your workout and strive for consistent progression in your program in a way that continues to challenge your body.
  8. Troubleshoot your excuses.  How would your friends respond to your excuses? Write these excuses down.  You will be surprised at how impactful it can be to see your excuses written out!
  9. Tell all of your friends your goals. This creates a support system as well as an accountability that will make you less likely to back out on working out.
  10. Be patient with seeing results.

Visit any time during January to test out the gym’s interactive “Resolution Builder.” The web app collects personal information then uses it to suggest a customized workout routines and fitness tips.

Take advantage of a free workout by showing up at any participating Gold’s Gym between Friday, on Sunday, January 3. (Limit one workout per customer, must be local resident with identification). Gold’s Gym trainers and nutrition experts will be on-hand to guide guests through the “fail proof” tips and provide them with a free fitness consultation.

For more information, visit The Long Beach Gold’s Gym is located at 345 Pine Avenue, Long Beach 90802. Call the gym at 562-436-4653.

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