Transit Service Reductions Effective August 29

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Due to state funding cuts to public transportation, service reductions will impact Long Beach Transit customers starting Sunday, August 29. The reductions, which will amount to approximately three percent of total Long Beach Transit service hours, will consist of slightly longer wait times between buses on certain routes and fewer buses to accommodate Long Beach Unified School District students. While none of the reductions involve the elimination of a route or changing the start and stop times of route, there will be longer intervals between buses on various routes.

Routes that will be modified include routes 1, 66 ZAP, 71, 72, 96 ZAP, 103, 172, 181, 182, Passports B & C and water taxi’s AquaLink and AquaBus.

According to Larry Jackson, President and CEO of Long Beach Transit, “We have worked diligently to ensure that the service frequency reductions would not seriously impact the quality of service for our customers. We ask for our customer’s patience while we weather this financial storm that is impacting transit agencies throughout California.”

As a result of cuts to school bus service, Long Beach Unified School District students who use Long Beach Transit to get to and from school are strongly urged to prepare for possible overcrowding, longer wait times and are encouraged to make stand-by alternative transportation arrangements.

Service Reductions Effective Sunday, August 29, 2010:

  • Route 1/Easy Avenue—weekday service frequency reduced from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
  • Route 66/Atlantic Ave.— ZAP buses eliminated from Atlantic Ave. service. Regular Atlantic Ave. buses will continue to operate as often as every 12 minutes.
  • Route 71-72/Orange Ave.— weekday service frequency from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
  • Route 96/Seventh St.— ZAP buses eliminated during non-school periods and the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Regular 7th St. buses will continue to operate as often as every 7 minutes.
  • Route 103/Carson St-Spring St.-Lakewood—Peak hour service will operate on school days only.
  • Route 172/PCH-Palo Verde —will stop at Los Cerritos Mall on weekdays during the day only. Customers wishing to travel to the Norwalk Green Line Station will be able to transfer to route 173.
  • Route 181-182/Magnolia-Pacific—Evening service will be reduced from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
  • Passport B/4th St.—Evening service will be reduced from every 20 to every 30 minutes.
  • The AquaLink and AquaBus Water Taxis will operate until Sept. 12, 2010 and will start up again in May 2011.
  • Passport C/Pine Ave.-Queen Mary—Evening service will be reduced from every 15 to every 20 minutes.
  • Holiday Service—Schedules will be reduced by approximately 25% on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.
  • Minor reductions in frequency of certain early morning and evening service on various routes.

About Long Beach Transit
Long Beach Transit serves over 29 million boarding customers in Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill—as well as portions of Artesia, Bellflower, Carson, Cerritos, Compton, Hawaiian Gardens, Norwalk, Paramount and Seal Beach—with regular bus and shuttle services including the Passport, AquaBus, and AquaLink. For more information visit the Long Beach Transit website.

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