Transparency of Grants to Be Requested By Councilmember’s

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Sixth District Councilman Dee Andrews, along with his colleagues Vice Mayor Dr. Suja Lowenthal, First District Councilman Dr. Robert Gracia, and Seventh District Councilman James Johnson, are bringing forth an agenda item for the Long Beach City Council to consider Grant Transparency within the City of Long Beach. The item will be presented at the May 8th City Council meeting, at 5:00pm, located at City Hall, 333 West Ocean Blvd, Lobby Level, Long Beach, California.

Currently, City departments applying for grants do so with limited, if any, integration or communication with other City departments. Departments that are writing grants usually have only one person on staff devoted to addressing grant opportunities, leaving applications with a similar timeline unaddressed due to lack of time and staff resources. Communication among departments and with Council Offices should occur as part of the grant consideration process. “The City of Long Beach budget contains millions of dollars in grant funding through a variety of City departments and it is vital that this process is transparent. With the current economic climate, the City needs to be strategic in researching, selecting, and applying for grants to ensure the maximum amount of grant funding”, said Councilman Dee Andrews.

“This will help improve the strength of the grant application and ensure the appropriate department is taking the lead on the grant request. A consolidated and integrated approach to grant opportunities will make the City much more competitive and will likely result in a higher level of grants awarded to the City”, said Vice Mayor Dr. Suja Lowenthal.

“I am always glad to support measures that enhance open and transparent government”, said Councilmember Dr. Robert Garcia. “This is a common sense approach to improve our grant writing process and I am happy to support it”, continued Garcia.

“Long Beach must aggressively and effectively seek grants to maintain quality of life for our neighborhoods, and this approach will help ensure that no rock is left unturned as we search for such funding,” Councilman Johnson said.

For more information call the Office of Councilman Dee Andrews at (562) 570-6816.

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