Tsunami Surges Reported in Some Areas; Warning Downgraded to Advisory in Long Beach

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Long beach tsunami advisory

Long Beach Tsunami Hazard Zone

As of 8:52 this morning, the Tsunami Warning that has been in effect for Long Beach and Southern California coastal cities has been downgraded to a Tsunami Advisory.

Expected Tsunami wave heights of two feet to three feet are expected from Santa Barbara to Long Beach, and, in fact are already being reported in Ventura County. KTLA news is reporting visual confirmation of a tsunami surge that started at approximately 9:15 a.m.

Remember, these expected tsunami wave amplitudes are heights beyond normal sea levels. They will look like an elevation of sea level in which the tsunami wave amplitude will retain this rise for 10-15 minutes before receding and returning again and repeating. Tsunamis often arrive as a series of waves which could be dangerous for up to 10 hours with very strong currents. 

Long Beach Prepares for Effects of Tsunami Waves

Long Beach at this point is not expecting significant damage, but waves up to 3 feet may hit the coast this morning. City officials have stated that Police, Fire and other City Departments have already begun preparations in case there is a change in danger levels, and are monitoring the situation closely.

At this point no evacuation has been ordered, but residents near the coast are asked to be on alert. All residents are advised to stay out of the water.

Beach parking lots have been closed. Boaters in our marinas have been advised to tighten down their boats. Additionally, Public Works is starting the deployment of the Seawall plugs for Naples in the event those plugs are needed to prevent flooding.

Tsunami Warnings in Los Angeles County

As a general precaution in tsunami advisory areas, anyone in low-lying coastal areas should move inland to higher ground and be alert to instructions from local emergency officials. Persons in the Tsunami advisory coastal areas should move out of the water and stay off the beach. Those in harbors and marinas should follow Coast Guard and Harbor Master recommendations.

According to Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe, evacuation of the Los Angles County coastline is not expected at this time.

A tsunami advisory means that tsunami capable of producing strong current or waves is imminent or expected. Significant, widespread inundation is not expected for areas under an advisory. However, currents may be hazardous to swimmers, boats, and coastal structures and may continue for several hours after the initial wave arrival.

Tsunami warnings and advisories alert alert emergency management officials to take action for the entire tsunami hazard zone. Appropriate actions by local officials may include the evacuation of low-lying areas and repositioning of ships to deep waters when there is time to safely do so.

Additional information can be found online at http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov.


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  1. tytana james says:

    even if its 2 to 3 feet over normal we should still be aware of whats going on and how to prepare for what is coming next.