Two Long Beach Divers Win National Titles

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Two Long Beach Divers Win National Titles

Brandon Loschiavo receiving Gold Medal from McCormick Divers head coach Charly Collins

Brandon Loschiavo won his first National Diving title in the 14-Year-Old Boys AAU National Diving 3-Meter Springboard event in Riverside on Saturday. On Tuesday, the Huntington Beach eighth grader was joined by Whittier’s Adam Springer, who won his first National title in the 18 & Up Men’s Platform event. Loschiavo and Springer train daily at Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool with McCormick Divers.

In the fourteen-year boys’ three-meter competition, Loschiavo started the final round in second place. He dropped to eighth after the first dive in the final round his reverse one-and-one half somersaults in pike position. Loschiavo came back with a vengeance winning the next dive a back one-and-one-half somersault with two-and-one half twists with a score of 57.40 points. He finished the meet strong with his highest score of the meet 57.80 points on his forward two-and-one-half somersaults in pike position. Loschiavo wrapped up his AAU Nationals with Bronze medals in both the 14-year boys 1-meter and 14-15 boys platform events.

As well as his national title on platform, Springer won a Silver medal in the 19 & Up men’s 3-meter finished 4th in the 19 & Up men’s’ 1-meter springboard events. This is a thrilling finish to Springer’s Junior diving career. He intends to compete in NCAA Division II at UC San Diego.

Winning the National Title also earned Loschiavo and Springer AAU All-American Certificates. In all, eight McCormick Divers earned AAU All-American Certificates at the National Championships. Nine-year-old Long Beach resident, Jenna Sonnenberg earned AAU All-American in the 9 & Under girls events by winning a Silver medal on 3-meter 4th place on 1-meter springboard. Sonnenberg also competed in the 13 & Under girls synchronized springboard event with eleven-year-old Michelle Lee from Hacienda Heights. Lee also earned AAU All-American with a 5th place finish in the 11-year girls 3-meter springboard, 6th on the 11 & Under girls platform and 9th in the very competitive11-year girls 1-meter springboard event.

Two Long Beach Divers Win National Titles

U.S. Diving Junior Nationals competitors Michelle Lee and Brandon Loschiavo with McCormick Divers owner and coach Debby McCormick

Lee and Loschiavo are headed to Knoxville, Tennessee for the U.S. Diving Junior National Championships. The Hacienda Heights eleven-year old earned a place at the U.S. Diving Junior Nationals in the 11 & Under girls three-meter springboard and platform events. Loschiavo’s AAU title bodes well for his bid for the 14-15 year boys U.S. Diving Junior titles on 1-meter and 3-meter springboard and platform events.

McCormick Divers had two AAU All-Americans in the 17-year boys events. Springer’s synchronized diving partner, Lakewood’s Nykola Bodnar earned All-American with a 4th place finish in the 16-18 boys platform, 5th on 3-meter and 6th on 1-meter springboards in the 17-year boys. Adam Payne of Los Alamitos also earned AAU All-American in the 17-year boys finishing 4th on 3-meter and 10th on 1-meter springboards.

In the girls’ events, synchronized diving partners Jaqueline Cleugh and Sara Knippa both earned AAU All-American. The two finished 8th in the 13 & Under girls 1-meter springboard synchronized diving event. Cleugh earned her All-American Certificate in the 11-year girls events on 1-meter and 3-meter springboard events and 11 & Under girls platform. Knippa earned her All-American Certificate in the 12-year girls 1-meter and 3-meter springboard, and 13 & Under girl’s platform events.

Allyssa Wren of Long Beach and Dolly Payne of Los Alamitos made their first AAU National Diving Championships in the 14-year girls springboard events. Long Beach’s Olivia Payne and Lauren Skinner both made their AAU Nationals debut in the 15-year and 16-year girls springboard events. Fountain Valley’s Erica Curry earned her second trip to AAU Nationals in the 17-year girls springboard events.

Two Long Beach Divers Win National Titles

McCormick Divers All Americans Adam Payne, Adam Springer and Nykola Bodnar

All of these divers train at Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool with McCormick Divers. They will have a chance to have some fun with their diving August 19th through 21st when McCormick Divers hosts “Clash of the Clowns” Diving Show and Clown Camp as part of the Long Beach Sea Festival.

Clown diving may look easy, but these divers know that the most skilled divers can perform the best stunts. Every so often, the divers practice some clown stunts at the end of regular training. On Friday, August 19th, all McCormick Divers have the chance to show off some of his skills at the Celebrity Plunge and Community Day Show open to local charity groups. And as participants in the Sunday Clown Camp, they will have the opportunity to show off new mad clown skills at the Sunday afternoon show.

Fans can follow Loschiavo and Lee’s progress at U.S. Diving Junior Nationals at For more information about Clash of the Clowns, visit

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