Uduak Ntuk Declares Run For LBUSD School Board

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Uduak Ntuk, LBUSD School Board Hopeful.

Uduak Ntuk, LBUSD School Board Hopeful.

Uduak Ntuk, a native of North Long Beach, is a dedicated parent, technical professional and community leader running for LBUSD District 1 seat. A father of two daughters in LBUSD schools, he wants to keep Long Beach Schools great, improve academic outcomes for all students and create more job opportunities for both students and local residents. “I am running because I believe in a high quality public education for all students.” It’s been 23 years since a new school board member was elected in District 1.

Uduak Ntuk releases the following statements:

  • “I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership that embraces the Uptown Renaissance community empowerment model of representation, increases parent engagement through a Parent University, and understands the technical skills needed to prepare our kids for the high quality jobs of tomorrow.”
  • “We are at a generational inflection point with the new common core curriculum overhaul, budget funding increases for needy children from the Governor that require more local control at the school site level, and Prop 39 funding to green our schools to save more on our utility bills in order to spend more on classroom instruction.”
  • “I will stand up for students, teachers and working families by bringing a common sense, pragmatic approach to governing. I will work with all stakeholders to improve the academic outcomes for all students.”
  • “I’m encouraged by the more than 150 donors that helped us raised $17,000 in only three weeks.”

Uduak Ntuk’s priorities for the LBUSD Board will include the following:

  • Usher in a new era of Transparency and Accountability on the Budget
  • Create a Parent University to increase Student Achievement
  • Increase Number of Girls going into STEM Careers
  • Expand Hughes and Longfellow Green Schools Program District Wide
  • Create Job Opportunities for Students and Local Residents at Jordan High School

You can follow the campaign on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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