New Uptown Property and Community Association Names Board Chairman and Program Manager

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In a significant development, the Uptown Property and Community Association announced Wednesday that local commercial property owner Yanki Greenspan has been elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Greenspan is president of Westland Real Estate Group with numerous holdings in North Long Beach.

“This district represents the commitment of North Long Beach property owners to the revitalization of our business corridors and the entire community,” said Greenspan. “I look forward to being a part of this great transformation.”

Additionally, the board named Lorena Parker as interim Program Manager for the association’s new Uptown PBID (Property Business Improvement District) at their board meeting January 27th. Ms. Parker has been working with other successful Business Improvement Districts for the past 13 years. Her experience and was instrumental in seeing a PBID formed in North Long Beach and knows how effective these developments can be.

“I am thrilled to be working with the Uptown PBID. There is nothing more gratifying to see how BIDs can transform a commercial corridor,” said Parker.

The Uptown PBID was originally voted on and established by area business and commercial property owners last October 2013 and then officially went into effect on January 1, 2014. It is set for an initial five-year term and affects the business corridors along Atlantic Ave. between Artesia Blvd. and Market St. and along Artesia Blvd. between Atlantic and Orange avenues.

PBIDs are based upon assessments, or fees, that are determined by how large a business or property is. Annually collected fees are then transferred into a PBID budget that oversees neighborhood benefits that may not be covered or immediately offered by the City. For example, the Downtown PBID uses its funds to cover graffiti removal, sidewalk cleaning, signage updating and various other services. According to paperwork filed with the city, the Uptown PBID will operate on an annual budget of $188,367, which will go towards special services such as “security, maintenance, marketing, and economic development” for the businesses that pay into the fund.

Ninth District Councilmember Steven Neal noted that the establishment of the Uptown PBID is only one component of the Uptown Renaissance that’s been revitalizing the North Long Beach area.

“This just adds to so many great things that are already going on in North Long Beach,” said Neal. “We look forward to working with both Mr. Greenspan and Ms. Parker as this PBID gets going. Their involvement means so much in the revitalization of our business corridors and supporting our small business community.”

For more information contact Lorena Parker, Program Manager Uptown Property and Community Association

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