USPS is Ready for Shipping Holiday Deadlines, Are You?

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shipping dates for Holiday Packages

Imporatnt dates for holiday shippers: December 21 for Priority Mail and December 22 for Express Mail.

These are the Postal Service’s busiest mailing days for holiday cards and packages. Wednesday and Thursday  more than 658 million pieces of mail will be processed — compared to 528 million on an average day. This represents an increase of more than 25 percent in the average daily volume of mail entering the system.

“Our employees work tirelessly to make sure cards and packages arrive on time for the holidays,” said Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General and chief executive officer. “With 237 years of experience, we’re sure to process the mail provided to us by Dec. 22 in time for the holidays.”

The National Operations Center at postal headquarters has been diligently working around the clock to track mail delivery, volume and weather since Dec. 4 and will continue its 24/7 schedule until Christmas Day. 

“We know customers are looking at options to ship their last minute holiday gifts, and the Postal Service offers a great combination of unmatched value and convenience,” said Maura Robinson, vice president Consumer and Industry Affairs. “We’re just a click away for online customers who want to take care of their shipping needs from their home and office computers.”

Robinson urges customers to visit as the easiest way to send holiday packages. “Customers can print postage and shipping labels directly from a home or office computer with Click-N-Ship,” she said.

Holiday shoppers have until Dec. 20 to send First-Class Mail and Dec. 21 to send Priority Mail items. For those last-minute shoppers, the Postal Service recommends Dec.22 as the last day to mail Express Mail packages. Express Mail boxes and envelopes are available online at and at local Post Offices.

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