Utility box program showcases work of Cabrillo High School student artists

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painting-traffic-boxesThe RDA uses many tools to revitalize local neighborhoods, including the installation of public art pieces throughout the city. The latest example of this is a project that has transformed utilitarian looking traffic signal controller cabinets in West Long Beach into pieces of art that help bring a sense of community pride to the neighborhood.

The RDA, in conjunction with the West Long Beach Project Area Committee, initiated this project to involve the community, including five current and former Cabrillo High School art students who learned about the process of creating public art.

Through the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine Mural and Cultural Arts Program, and under the supervision of Heather Green and Jose Loza, the student artists developed concepts and painted two traffic signal cabinets with the theme, “The History of the Westside.”

The student artists who participated are (in alphabetical order): Ariana Campbell, MarioLegaspi, Leonardo Salgado, Jose Siminig, and Lavonte Younger. Additionally, local artist John Culqui has also painted two traffic signal on the Westside. He has entitled these cabinets “L.B. Surf” and “Oil Dino.”

This article is reprinted from the LBDS Newsletter.


One Response to “Utility box program showcases work of Cabrillo High School student artists”
  1. Kim Masoner says:

    This is so cool! Thank you for taking the time, energy and creativity to beautify the traffic signal controller cabinets! I would love to see this in other cities….let me know if this would be possible!