Vegetable Garden For Needy Families To Be Planted By Teen Volunteers

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Volunteer teens from Long Beach to plant garden for needy familiesLIME, a local nonprofit that extends and instills compassion in the next generation, is commemorating Global Youth Service Day by having volunteer teens plant a vegetable garden to feed homeless families. Taking place on Saturday, April 21 at Precious Lamb Preschool in Long Beach, the event will include interactive learning designed to teach teens about poverty while they fill community service hours for college.

“As a teen, volunteer projects are plentiful, but very few teach kindness and leave a lasting impression,” says Lindsey Walkemeyer-Taylor, director of development for LIME “When we meet, we’ll set aside time to teach teens about homelessness and poverty in Long Beach, so that when they build this life-sustaining garden for the needy, they’ll walk away with a sense of caring that stays long after they put down their shovels.”

The Precious Lamb Garden project, like all LIME Compassion Projects, focuses on children and young adults by providing them with food, clean water, education and health care. Last Christmas,  LIME distributed boxes of food to the homes of local needy families, giving teen volunteers the chance to interact with the people receiving fresh fruit, vegetables, and canned goods.

LIME is still seeking teens from 13-18 to help build and plant the garden this Saturday, which will take place from 8:30 to 4:30 pm in Long Beach. The nonprofit is developing a slate of Compassion Projects for teens, which will be announced at Interested teens and volunteers can also follow LIME on Twitter at @LIME_works, visit LIME on Facebook, and contact Lindsey Walkemeyer-Taylor at to sign up for or get more info on upcoming projects.

About LIME
LIME is an award-winning charity dedicated to teaching and extending compassion to youth both locally and globally. The nonprofit has helped build a life-empowerment center in the Sudan, provided crisis funding for pregnant teens in Long Beach, and fed orphans in a remote region of the Philippines. LIME focuses on projects that not only help people in need, but teach ongoing compassion to volunteers. Info about LIME can be found at, and by following the nonprofit on Twitter at @LIME_works.

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