Vice Mayor Lowenthal Forming Medical Marijuana Group to Evaluate Other Cities Ordinances

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Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal

Vice Mayor and Second District Councilmember, Suja Lowenthal, announced that she intends to create a working group made up of resident and business groups, medical marijuana dispensary representatives, City Attorney, City Prosecutor, city staff and others to research and evaluate ordinances in other jurisdictions and make recommendations following a review and eventual ruling by the California Supreme Court. In mid-January, the California Supreme Court announced that it would grant Long Beach’s petition for review in the Pack v. City of Long Beach case. In that case, an appeals court struck down parts of Long Beach’s ordinance, which was created to select, permit and regulate medical marijuana collectives. The legal review is likely to take between 12-18 months.

Lowenthal organized Council and department staff meetings around the issue of regulating medical marijuana and was a co-sponsor on the substitute motion originally put forward in September, 2009, which ultimately led to Ordinance 5.87. “I think this council still supports the concept of providing patients in need with access to medical marijuana,” said Lowenthal. “Regardless of what comes out of the State Supreme Court next year, I want to have the right people at the table and the ability to reach consensus on recommendations going forward.”

Lowenthal expects to form the working group over the next month and will ask it to meet on a quarterly basis leading up to the Supreme Court ruling.


3 Responses to “Vice Mayor Lowenthal Forming Medical Marijuana Group to Evaluate Other Cities Ordinances”
  1. Bud Greene says:

    Let me guess. Lobbyist Karl Kemp, her new benefactor will be in charge of her new group(we know how much Suja likes lobbyists). Now that she has learned how profitable it is to cater to the profiteers of this business, while ignoring the honest collective operators who have been cheated by this city and have lost everything they own trying to do the right thing. Not to mention the poor patients who can’t get to their meds due to erratic council voting. She is attempting to collect votes in her future campaigns by pretending to be a medical marijuana advocate while collecting fat, unnamed contributions. She voted for medpot clubs in LB, then against, and now for again when the money arrived. What a hypocrite!

  2. Leo says:

    They the city council were still shell gamed and fooled into voting for that which at least five members didnt want…..a full ban.

    Robert Shannon really out smarted them good.

    He stole their votes.

    They still have a chance this tuesday to change the vote and abolish 5.89 altogether.

    That would truly be a miracle.

  3. Tia Carter says:

    I would love to be a part of this group as an attorney. How can I sign up or get hired?