The Arts Council for Long Beach Selects Victoria Bryan New Executive Director

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After reviewing applications from across the USA, Canada, and Latin America, The Arts Council for the City of Long Beach has concluded its search for a new Executive Director. On April 7th, ACLB president, Marco Schindelmann, offered to the Board of Directors, for consideration and approval, the Search Committee’s recommendation of Victoria Bryan. The new Executive Director’s start date is April 21st.

Originally from London, Victoria Bryan has lived in Long Beach since 1985, and has taught at California State University, Long Beach, since 2003 (Art Department, Theatre Department, and School of Education). From 1978 to 2001, she co-founded and co-directed STOP-GAP, providing a network of educational and therapeutic theatre programs throughout southern California. Victoria holds a PhD from The Drucker School of Management; her dissertation research investigated the relationship between theatres and their audiences.

Victoria’s professional background includes completion of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts’ technical theatre program, extensive visual arts curatorial experience, consulting for arts organizations, six years educational television production in Tehran, Iran, and a year as head of the prop department at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

“I am honored that the Arts Council board members have placed their trust in me for this exciting and challenging position. I look forward to partnering with artists and audiences throughout our communities, to strengthen our vibrant arts scene. Together, we can advocate for arts and culture as the creative heart of our city and central to its great future.”

The Arts Council for Long Beach was established in 1976 by the City of Long Beach to respond to the needs of the growing local arts community and to develop cultural resources. As the city’s arts agency, it functions as a private 501(c)(3) organization. The Arts Council receives annual city support, as well as support from individuals, corporations and foundations. Its purpose is to organize, encourage and enhance the cultural environment in the City of Long Beach. By supporting the artists in the community, together they create cultural opportunities and experiences for the people who live, work and play here. For more information including dates and locations of future board meetings, visit their website at: .

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