Violent Recycling Truck Fire Causes Large Explosions in 5th District

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recycling truck on fire

LBFD Fire Fighters arrived on the scene within minutes to stop the fire on a recycling truck in the 5th District.

Tuesday morning, at abou 9:40 a.m., February 1, the Long Beach Fire Department responded to a recycling truck that was on fire off of the 2800 block of Ladoga Avenue.

Engine 18 arrived on scene in less than five minutes and saw that there was moderate to heavy amounts of fire and black smoke coming from the large recycling truck. Luckily the truck was in the middle of the street and there were no other vehicles or bystanders close by the roaring blaze that was radiating intense heat.

Firefighters quickly pulled an attack hose line and began knocking the heavy fire down despite the large explosions that were taking place right in front of them. Engine 22 was also called out for backup on another hose line because of the size of the vehicle involved and the large cumbersome fire.

Due to the location of the fire, Firefighters had to climb on top of the truck to finally extinguish the blaze from above. Other crewmembers diked off the gutters on the street with sand preventing any contaminated water or foam from reaching the storm drain that would potentially pollute the ocean.

The driver of the burning truck had made it out of the cab safely and was uninjured. The Health Department was called out and the cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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