Volunteers Needed for Annual Homeless Count in January

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count homeless in long beachThe City of Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services (Health Department) will conduct the fifth biannual homeless count in Long Beach on Thursday, January 27, 2011.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mandates that all jurisdictions that receive federal funds for providing supportive services to the homeless population must complete a point-in-time homeless count every two years. This count defines the scope of homelessness, both in the community and across the nation.

The results of this count, which are reported within the City’s federal grant application that is submitted to HUD each year, determine existing resources, identify gaps, and highlight progress towards ending homelessness. The 2009 City of Long Beach count identified 3,909 people that were homeless on that given day (January 29, 2009).

Volunteers are needed to assist with the count.  The Health Department will deploy approximately 300 community volunteers to conduct this citywide count process, which involves two distinct activities. The first activity is the service-based component which records the numbers of homeless individuals and families residing in emergency, transitional and permanent supportive housing programs within Long Beach. The second activity is the street count component, in which the city of Long Beach is divided into 47 GIS mapped segments. Teams comprised of three volunteers, lead by a service provider, canvass each map segment to count the homeless in the area.

For additional information about the homeless count, or to volunteer to assist, please contact Susan Price, the Health Department’s Homeless Services Officer, at (562) 570-4003. Information on the homeless count, including volunteer registration is also available on the web at www.longbeach.gov/health/fss/homeless_services/default.asp. Volunteers will be required to sign up for a one-hour orientation/training session that must be completed prior to the date of the count.


One Response to “Volunteers Needed for Annual Homeless Count in January”
  1. Mared Gladney says:

    I am currently homeless and my estranged wife is going through a procedure as too which she will be quarantined until Jan 12, as of today at 4:00 pm I am suppose to pick up our 9 year all son from a mutual friend. I have know where to go and no family to take my son. In recent days I’ve been crashing at friends couches and sleeping in a borrowed car. I need HELP, would like to barter for room and board for my son and I. I am willing to do any and all kinds of labor or whatever service needs to be done