Vote for Your Favorite Design: Camp Bixby or Bixby Beach

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Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal and Parks, Recreation & Marine invite interested stakeholders to help design a new and improved Bixby Park playground on Saturday, October 25 at 9:00 am in the Bixby Park community center. The third and final meeting date was changed to Saturday morning for residents who may not have been able to make the previous weeknight meetings. The whole family is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will include a staff supervised crafts table for parents to drop off their children, ages 5 and older, during the workshop.

Residents who cannot attend are encouraged to vote for their favorite playground design by going to the Facebook invite page, “Bixby Park Playground Workshop (CHANGE OF DATE)”. There they will find two designs proposed by the workshop consultant. “Camp Bixby” and “Bixby Beach” are based on community feedback at two prior playground workshops and the Bixby Park Master Plan workshops. Much of the play equipment may be used in either design, so residents are encouraged to leave comments as well. Results will be passed along to Parks, Recreation and Marine staff and the design consultant, AHBE.

In addition, Lowenthal has been and will continue to collect feedback during the Bixby Park Farmers Market, where she hosts a booth for “Council in the Park” on the final Tuesday of the month (October 28th).

Funding has been set aside by Council District 2 and the City of Long Beach to design and build a new playground in its current location. Feedback from Bixby Park’s Master Plan workshops will also be incorporated into the design.

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