Vote Daily To Help Florence Bixby Elementary School Win $50,000!

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Dear Reader, please share this article with as many people as possible: Friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, classmates, teachers, EVERYONE (over age 13).   Your daily votes between October 24 and December 9 are REALLY important for Florence Bixby Elementary School in Long Beach, California.  At the end of the 46-day, $50,000 national competition sponsored by Clorox, the school with the most votes wins the grant!

Replacing Outdated Computers Starts With Your Votes

Bixby will use the $50,000 to replace its out-of-date, out-of-century, technology.  Of note, Bixby Elementary is the only school from Long Beach that was successfully nominated for the Clorox “Power a Bright Future” grant opportunity. More than 1,500 schools were nominated nationwide; now we need Bixby to WIN.

As you read these words on your computer screen, your touchpad or your smartphone, I am certain that you can appreciate the wonders of 21st century technology. Yes! A functional internet connection and computers that have enough memory to use it. That’s what Bixby needs for its students and teachers.

Right now, Bixby needs as many people as possible to use today’s technology and vote for Bixby daily, in the following two ways:

  • Vote Online: Click your mouse on, and cheerful Bruce B. Beaver will appear in a new tab or window urging you to, “Bring the Bixby Elementary Computer Program into the 21st Century Loop!” You’ll only need to register once, then simply click “vote for this” every day.
  • Vote by SMS/Text: CLOROX7532 to 44144, every day!

Why Replace the Computers?

Currently at Bixby, 70+ slow-as-molasses computers in the classrooms and the lab do little more than aid students in basic keyboarding. It turns out that old computers that run on Netscape 7 (!) and that won’t identify a new CD-ROM in their disk drives are not such wondrous machines. Bixby’s computers are older (and not smarter) than a 5th-grader!

Imagine that you need to take a nice warm bath, and you have all the warm water you need at your disposal, but the only thing you have available for that water is a cereal bowl. The current computers at Bixby are like that cereal bowl. The online and district-provided resources are already available — warm and ready — and simply waiting to be fully utilized by some 21st-century technology.

Spread the Word! Ask Your Friends to Vote

Use the links at the left to share this article on your social network pages, and tweet it to your followers. Tell everyone to visit so that the nearly 600 students in this Title-1 school can become 21st century learners, researchers and explorers.

Bixby Elementary is located at 5251 E. Stearns Street in Long Beach, CA. The faculty, staff, parents and students need your help to support their school. Let’s vote early, and vote daily. Clorox will award the school with the most votes; it’s as simple as that.

Please show your dedication to everything that is Long Beach and “Vote Now For Bixby Elementary.”  …And get THIS: You and your friends and family can (and should) VOTE EVERY DAY, in two different ways (online and by SMS/text), through December 9.

Winners will be announced in January 2012. Everyone at Bixby Elementary thanks you!

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  1. WE NEED THE SUPPORT OF LONG BEACH!!!! Please help Bixby Elementary Long Beach!!! Text CLOROX5732 to 44144 right now then go to and VOTE there as well!!!

  2. Claire Vincent says:

    Wishing the Bixby Beavers all the luck in this endeavor.

  3. Claire Vincent says:

    Good luck!